The “OH MY GOD!” Review: Tri-State’s Autumn Armageddon II (9/21/91)


Autumn Armageddon II 1991-09-21 at Penn Hall in Philadelphia, Pa

Champion: JT Smith
Bar Wars: Tony Stetson
Tag Team: Dog Pound

We start off with a little bit of “God Bless America” action.


Last Blood Battle Royal
So you can figure out the rules. Participants include; Mr. Anthony, Ernesto Benefica, Michael Bruno, Ghetto Blaster, Jimmy Jannetty, Glen Osbourne (w/ Kevin Sullivan), Johnny O, Rick Perez, Rockin’ Rebel, Sabu, Mr. Sandman (w/ Peaches), Tony Stetson & Cry Baby Waldo. Ok so lets see if I can figure out how this plays out. Sabu misses a somersault off the top turn buckle. A few guys go to the floor to brawl. Johnny O is bleeding first. Ghetto Blaster is wearing a sky blue polo shirt. Come on dude your name is Ghetto Blaster you for sure don’t wear that. Jannetty is the next to go. Bruno gone at around 5 minutes. Glen Osbourne is gone. Waldo gets busted open at about 6.30. Perez now cut. Ernesto gone. There’s not much to really talk about here as it’s just a punch of punching. Sabu goes. I might have missed Ghetto Blaster get eliminated. Mr. Anthony is jumped on by Rebel. Stetson takes on Sandman as we are down to 4. Anthony is busted open by Rebel. Anthony and Rebel continue to fight and Rebel is bloodied. Sandman and Stetson are the only ones left at 11 minutes. The brawl between Rebel and Anthony continues to the locker room. Sandman gets tossed to the floor. Peaches jumps up on the apron to distract Stetson. Sandman attacks and bring Stetson outside and into the guard rail. Peaches hands something to Sandman and distracts the ref. It’s a bottle and he squirts ketchup onto Stetson the ref turns and sees it and calls for the bell. Mr. Sandman picks up the win in 12.58. Stetson gets a belt and whips Sandman with it. Stetson grabs Peaches and spanks her.


Champion JT Smith vs. DC Drake (w/ Woman, Don E Allen & Tag Champs The Dog Pound), ref Joe Zanolle
Dog Pound is Johnny Hotbody and Larry Winters (who is on crutches). Drake on the attack right away and uses the crutch behind the refs back. Everywhere Smith turns is either Drake or one of Drakes managers and they all get in their shots. Drake takes it to the floor and rams Smith’s head into the ring steps. Smith tries to come back but it’s basically five on one. Back in the ring Drake with a piledriver. Smith gets his foot on the ropes at 2. Smith makes a comeback and looks awkward while doing it as usual. Fall away slam gets 2. Drake cuts him off with a clothesline and goes back to the floor. Smith regains control briefly but crashes and burns off the top rope to the floor as a dive misses. Miscommunication leads to Winters nailing Drake with his crutch and Smith picking up the win out of no where in 12.48. Smith got his ass kicked the whole match. They would continue this in ECW. Woman was so hot. Winters doesn’t seem to care to much and everyone argues.


Mr. Sandman (w/ Peaches) vs. Tony Stetson, ref John Finnegan
Stetson hits the ring and demands Jole Goodhart get Sandman to come out and have a match with him. Sandman comes out but says he needs a contract to wrestle. Joel says that match is going to happen and tells Sandman to get in the ring or be fired. Stetson grabs Sandman and drags him in. Flying clothesline and then he beats away on Sandman. Stetson busts open Sandman. Sandman comes back and slams a table onto the knee of Stetson. Sandman beats on Stetson and breaks open his forehead. Stetson comes back with a swinging neck breaker and piledriver. The fans hate this match. Stetson comes off the top with a leg drop for the win in 7.36.


Tag Team Champions The Dog Pound (w/Woman, Don E Allen & Larry Winters) vs. The Blackhearts (w/ Luna Vachon), ref Jim Molineaux
Drake subs for the injured Winters. After lots of theatrics we get the bell. Blackharts in immediate control over Johnny Hotbody. One comes off the top to the floor with a double axe handle. All four men brawl on the floor. In the ring for more brawling a very chaotic scene. Luna and Allen fight on the floor. Drake nails Luna! Hotbody and Winters choke her! More brawling on the floor. Stetson breaks Winters’ crutch on the head of a Blackhart. More brawling ref letting is all go but this is probably one of the wildest matches TWA has had. Hotbody thrown through a table. In the ring Drake hits a clothesline. The other Blackhart hits a spin kick to the back of his head. Double shoulder tackle gets a 2. Spike piledriver by the champions. Luna distracts the ref. The Dog Pound all talk and as Drake goes to walk away Winters nails him with his crutch! Blackhart covers and gets the win and the titles in 10.04. DC Drake is getting kicked out of his own group as Allen, Winters and Hotbody attack. JT Smith of all people come out and make the save. Drake is very hesitant and even almost attacks Smith. Smith explains what happened to Drake and they eventually shake hands.


Owen Hart vs. Takayuki Iizuka, ref John Finnegan
OH hell yea! Some nice high flying stuff to start. Owen with a northern lights suplex for 2. Iizuka forces Owen to the mat and gets 2. Hart breaks from and hits a drop kick. Iizuka with a flying arm bar. Iizuka stays on the arm and Owen lifts him on his back and hits a samoan drop. The middle rope which had come loose breaks which might hurt this match. Owen drop kicks Iizuka out of the ring and then hits a baseball slide. Camel Clutch by Iizuka. Owen breaks it and hits an elbow drop off the second buckle. So it looks like just the rope by the hard camera actually broke off the turn buckle and the other 3 ropes are still ok. Iizuka goes back to work on Owen. Owen again fights back and hits a back breaker and butterfly suplex for 2. Iizuka comes back and works over the neck of Owen. Chop fight and Owen hits a standing drop kick but Iizuka takes him right down and locks in a sharpshooter. Owen breaks out but gets hit with a snap suplex and covered for 2. Owen hits a sick looking gut wrench suplex for 2. Belly to back gets another near fall. Snap suplex gets a third 2. Owen now goes to the camel clutch. Someone has finally come out to fix the rope. We have passed the 15 minute mark. Owen sent into the buckle and he hits it chest first. They work off the ropes now that they are fixed and Owen hits a belly to belly for 2.9. Iizuka with an urinage for 2. Owen sent into the corner Iizuka follows but Owen ducks a clothesline and gets a 2 count off a crucifix. Owen goes for a superplex but Iizuka lands on top and almost gets the 3. Norhtern lights but Owen kicks out! This is all back to back and awesome. Enziguri and Owen goes up top for a splash but eats knees! 20 minutes! Iizuka goes up top and Owen drop kicks him to the floor! Owen goes up and launches all the way across to the other ring post with a body attack. Holy shit he got some crazy distances on that! Iizuka tries to bring Owen back into the ring with a suplex but Owen slides out hits a german for the 1, 2 and 3 at 21.04! HUGE standing oven fro the two guys. Awesome match. Owen and Iizuka shake hands and hug. I don’t know if this match has a big following but if not it needs to. Probably the best match I have reviewed so far. Best Owen Hart match I have ever seen. Seriously I immediately watched it over.


Terry Funk vs. Kevin Sullivan (w/ Woman), ref John Finnegan
The fight is on right away and they go straight to the floor. It’s an absolutely all out brawl until both men get DQed at 7.44. Glen Osbourne comes out to try and help Sullivan but he gets nailed. The craziness continues on for a few more minutes as I pay very little attention.


Hair Match: Madusa Miceli & “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert vs. Luna Vachon & Cactus Jack, ref Joe Zanolle
Gilbert on the mic he tells Cactus to go to Ted Turner and tell him to “kiss my ass”. Fans pop I guess that makes them the good guys tonight. Luna and Madusa start off. 6 minutes in and it’s only been the ladies. Crowd chants boring. Can’t blame them. Fans want Cactus. Luna misses a cross body from the top and Madusa lands a drop kick from the top. Power bomb gets a nice pop and a 2 count. Jack trips up Madusa and Gilbert and Jack go at it in the aisle and crowd now. Gilbert hits a DDT on the floor and Luna has a cover in the ring but the ref is with the guys. Wait it may have actually been Madusa with a head lock. It was and it was on for like 5 minutes. They basically just waited for the ref to come back so they could run their final spot. Madusa goes and yells at Gilbert to come back, Luna with a school boy for 2. Madusa ducks a clothesline hits a german suplex gets the 3. 12.07. Luna is about to get her head shaved when the new Tag Team Champions The Blackharts come down to stop it. Gilbert and Cactus hit the ring to make the save. Blackharts with the advantage but then Cactus and Gilbert throw them out of the ring. They back into each other the Blackharts come back into the ring and Jack and Gilbert actually double team and clear the ring again. Wait so they don’t hate each other anymore because they saved the same girl? Gilbert gets on the mic and thanks Jack for giving him the toughest matches of his career and then calls him a traitor for leaving. Turns out this is right as Cactus is going to WCW. Jack says he shouldn’t call him a traitor because it’s Gilbert’s fault that he even got the job. Madusa not appreciating the nice moment between Cactus and Gilbert by taking the mic and calling out Luna.


Steel Cage Match: Original Sheik (w/ Sabu) vs. Abdullah the Butcher
Sheik attacks the ref and then Abby hits the ring and goes after Sheik. Both men have weapons and both bleed. Abby wins. Kevin Sullivan and Terry Funk come out. Funk goes after Abby, Sullivan after Sheik. Abby goes nuts and attacks a ton of crew members on his way to the locker room. Fans chant for him to come back out so he does and lay in a few stomps.

Music video with clips from the show to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”.


My thoughts on the show…
So obviously if you don’t have this show you should find it and watch the Hart/Iizuka match. Here I’ll make it easy for you It looks like someone filmed their TV and then uploaded the video but it’s still great.