The “OH MY GOD!” Review: ECW TV 6/1 & 6/8/93


TV 1993-06-01 (Matches taped 1993-04-03 from Cabrini College in Radnor, PA)

Heavyweight: Sandman
TV: Superfly Jimmy Snuka
Tag: Suicide Blondes

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful rundown the card for tonight. Paul E. Dangerously comes out and hires Wonderful to go watch the monitors again and takes over the commentary duties for the day.

We get the whole tag team title change from last week. Afterwards a commercial airs that runs down the Super Summer Sizzler card. Aside from the three matches we already know about, Dick Murdoch will take on the Dark Patriot, The Super Destroyers with Sal Bellomo will take on the Suicide Blondes with Hunter Q. Robbins III (ummm hello spoiler alert!), TV Champion “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka takes on JT Smith and then the win of that match takes on PA Champion “Ironman” Tommy Cairo, Larry Winters takes on former partner (?) Tony Stetson in a first blood match. Well I guess we know a few things that are going to happen between now and the 19th.

Salvatore Bellomo vs. Super Destroyer 1 (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III), ref Jim Molineaux
So we have 3 TV episodes before Super Summer Sizzler and we know that Robbins turns on the Destroyers to join the Suicide Blondes, lets see if it happens tonight. Sanpmare by Bellomo and some stomps and headbutts. Destroyer fights back and takes the advantage. Bellomo rakes the eyes through the mask and takes over. The match goes back and forth until Bellomo hits a drop kick snapmare and splash. The only moves done in the match. Sal goes for the pin after the splash but Super Destroyer 2 comes down and causes a DQ at 3.58. “Ironman” Tommy Cairo comes to make the save. The Destroyers leave the ring and Cairo taps Bellomo on the shoulder. Bellomo turns and clotheslines Cairo and leaves.

TV Champion “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka & “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert vs. Glen Osbourne & “Ironman” Tommy Cairo, ref John Finnegan
Gilbert starts off with Osbourne. Gilbert throws Osbourne right to the floor and they go into the crowd. Gilbert hits Osbourne with a chair twice and slams his head into the ring steps and table. Finally in the ring after 2 minutes. Osbourne reverses a corner whip and back drops Gilbert as he comes out. Cairo gets tagged in and hits a back body drop of his own. Paul E. leaves the announcers table to talk to Gilbert. Cairo and Osbourne tag in and out a few times and work over the arm. Snuka gets tagged in and is in the ring with Osbourne. Irish whip and Snuka nails Osbourne in the stomach with a chop. Body slam and headbutt and Snuka chokes Osbourne on the ropes. Gilbert tagged back in but he misses a 2nd rope elbow and Cairo gets tagged in. Back drop and drop kick by Cairo. Irish whip and Cairo goes for a drop kick but Paul E has gotten up from the table again and grabs Eddie’s leg so Cairo hits the mat. Cairo charges Eddie but gets caught with a hotshot that ends the match in 6.24.

JT Smith vs. Max Thrasher, ref Joe Dinolli
Thrasher attacks before the bell. Thrasher headbutts Smith with a hockey mask and and hits a fall away slam. We cut from the match to go to a pre-recorded profile from Jay Sulli. Sulli brings us highlights from matches the took place at the ECW Arena on May 14th. Winters dumped Stetson in battle royal so Stetson turned on him. They talk about Robbins joining the Suicide Blondes and the Dangerous Alliance takes out Road Warrior Hawk. Dark Patriot leaps from the balcony onto JT Smith. All these matches are coming up in the coming weeks on ECW TV. Back to the match Smith is in the corner hammering on Thrasher. Thrasher trips him up and puts his feet on the rope for leverage but the ref sees it. Thrasher argues with the ref allowing Smith to trip him and put his feet on the rope. The ref doesn’t see that and Smith gets the win. 1.21 of the match was shown.

Terry Funk is backstage with a chain Funk calls Eddie the runt of the Gilbert family. Funk describes what a chain match is and what he’s going to do to Gilbert. Funk wants to run Gilbert out of town.

Heavyweight Champion Sandman (w/ Peaches) vs. “Magnificent” Don Muraco (Paul E. Dangerously), ref John Finnegan
The Dangerous Alliance looking to get some more gold tonight. Sandman quickly gets a 2 count with a schoolboy. Shoulder block by Sandman takes down Muraco. Sandman blocks some punches and fires away with his own. A clothesline sends Muraco over the top rope to the floor. Muraco and Paul E. talk strategy. Corner whip by Muraco but Sandman charges out with a clothesline. Muraco again to Paul E. Sandman with a sunset slip and backslide get 2. Muraco quickly back to the floor. Top wrist lock by Sandman Paul E. distracts the ref as Muraco kicks Sandman low. Muraco has control of the match for about 2 minutes and goes for the piledriver. Sandman wiggles out of it and slides onto the apron. Sandman fights back and gets into the ring and gets a 2 count with a small package. Sandman firing away on Muraco. Sandman hits the ropes and Paul E. trips him. Peaches jumps on Paul E. Rockin’ Rebel comes down and pulls her to the floor. Sandman pulls Rebel in the ring and DDTs him. Muraco and the ref collide. Muraco gets whipped into Rebel and Sandman locks on the sleeper. Paul E. comes in the ring and hits Sandman with his phone. Muraco falls on top and the 3 count is made at 8.40. Gilbert and Snuka come to the ring to celebrate Muraco’s title win. The Dangerous Alliance interrupts Jay Sulli as he tries to close out the show they all get some time to celebrate on the mic.

My thoughts on the show
So they give away two turns in a commercial today. Real smart. Pretty good main event and our first Heavyweight Title change. Check the show out for that. The rest can be skipped.

TV 1993-06-08 (Matches taped 1993-05-14 from ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA)

Heavyweight: Magnificent Don Muraco
TV: Superfly Jimmy Snuka
Tag: Suicide Blondes

Jay Sulli opens the show with Paul E. Dangerously and they run down the card. Road Warrior Hawk debuts, a battle royal to crown a PA Champion, a tag team and heavyweight title match tonight. Tod Gordon comes out with a crown that the winner of the chain match between “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert and Terry Funk will get. Paul E. says to hand over the crown now to the King of Philadelphia. Hawk’s music hits and Paul E. runs to the other side of the ring. Hawk is happy to be in ECW cause he wants some fresh meat to beat. We see the history between Funk and Gilbert that’s leading us to the chain match. Funk comes out and explains the rules of the chain match. No stopping for blood, no pinfalls, touch the four corners to win. Paul E. comes back out and says he wants to challenge Funk to a match with the Dark Patriot. Funk accepts the match and says he’s not afraid. Paul E. says thank you and runs away so Funk doesn’t beat him up.

Road Warrior Hawk vs. Samoan Warrior & Don E. Allen, ref Jim Molineaux
Hawk gets attacked from behind. Corner whip but Hawk charges out and clotheslines both men. Big boot to Allen and fist drop to the Warrior. Powerslam and Hawk goes up top flying clothesline and he presses Allen onto the Warrior and pins them in 1.10.

Hawk is backstage hyping a match for next week for the TV Title against “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka.

“Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert is outside and we are a week and a half away from Gilbert running Funk out of town. Gilbert is going to become a man the people of Philadelphia can look up to.

16-Man Battle Royal for PA State Championship
Lets see if I can keep up with this one. The bell rings and Sandman and Rockin’ Rebel dump each other out quickly and fight to the back. Herve Rinesto is gone. Max Thrasher (in a mask). Super Destroyers, Samoan Warrior, Suicide Blondes, Sal Bellomo, Canadian Wolfman, Glen Osbourne, JT Smith, Tommy Cairo, Larry Winters and Tony Stetson are left in the ring. We go to commercial after about 3 minutes of the battle. Back from the break and 10 men are left. One Destroyer, Glen Osbourne, and Wolfman are gone. The other Destroyer gets dumped. The Blondes eliminate Bellomo. JT Smith dumps out Thrasher and Hotbody gets rid of Smith. Winters drop kicks the Samoan Warrior out of the ring. The Blondes are trying to dump out Stetson. Winters runs over and pushes the Blondes out and tries to save Stetson but can’t. Stetson is mad and argues with Winters and punches him. The Blondes mean while have dragged Cairo to the floor and are beating on him. They throw him back in Winters charges and goes for a crossbody but Cairo ducks. Winters almost goes over but falls to the mat. The struggle a bit and Cairo finally gets Winters over to become the first ever PA State Champion. 7.03 is shown. After the match Stetson goes over to Winters and helps him up and says sorry. Stetson throws Winters into the ring post face first.

We go back stage to Stevie Wonderful whose with Sandman and Peaches. Sandman says there is no way to train for the street fight and there will probably be blood. Peaches tells Tigra to not even show up.

Tag Team Champions Suicide Blondes (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. Tommy Cairo & Glen Osbourne, ref Jim Molineaux
Robbins is the new manager of the champions. Osbourne is going to start the match with Christopher Candido. Osbourne with a shoulder block and Candido complains of a hair pull. Candido takes Osbourne to the corner but Osbourne reverses a corner whip and back drops Candido. Cairo gets tagged in and belly to bellies both Blondes. Candido corner whips Cairo and charges but Cairo moves and makes the tag to Osbourne. Osbourne with a flying clothesline. Robbins hits Osbourne with his cane allowing Candido to get the pin at 2.34. Robbins gets on the mic and says it is his pleasure to manage the greatest ECW Tag Team Champions. He introduces a third member Sir Richard Michaels, previously known as Chris Michaels. The Super Destroyers come to ringside and say that they were champions for two years and deserve and title match. Robbins says he doesn’t want to put his two teams against each other. The Destroyers fire Robbins and brawl with the Blondes. The Blondes bail from the ring and Destroyer 1 calls out Tod Gordon. The Blondes get back in the ring and are all thrown right back out. Gordon grants the title match for next week.

Heavyweight Champion “Magnificent” Don Muraco (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Sandman (w/ Peaches), ref Kevin Christian
Eddie Gilbert joins the commentary booth. Our match is joined in progress. Sandman with a body slam and headlock take over. Muraco briefly breaks free but Sandman goes right back to it. Muraco tries to roll over the headlock into a pin attempt for himself. Peaches distracts the ref and Paul E. rakes Sandman’s eyes. Muraco on the attack now. Sandman fires back and clotheslines Muraco, who stumbles back and gets tied up in the ropes. Sandman gets punching away until Muraco gets free. Back elbow by Sandman. Muraco with an abdominal stretch. Paul E. helps him out with some leverage. Sandman is able to reverse it when Peaches attacks Paul E. Sandman jumps out of the ring because Paul E. goes after Peaches. Muraco comes from behind knocks down Sandman and gets a countout win. 7.18 of the match is shown.

My thoughts on the show
Big name debut today with Hawk showing up in ECW. That’s about all that mattered, though. The Battle Royal was okay, but look at who was involved. Skip it, but I promise better things are coming!