The Event Center Episode 3: Saturday Night’s Main Event 4-27-91


The Event Center #3: WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event: April 27th, 1991

Welcome everyone to the Event Center. I am your host Steve Caudle. This time on the Event Center we are heading back to 1991 for another Saturday Night’s Main Event. This show features a return bout between the Ultimate Warrior and Sgt. Slaughter. We also get a Battle Royal plus the Hitman vs. Ted DiBiase. This is an action packed show so lets get right into the action.

Show Opening:

The show opens up with Randy Savage being introduced as the new color commentator for Saturday Night’s Main Event. Vince and Savage run through the card starting with the Battle Royal first. Savage tells Hogan he better watch out since it’s every man for himself. He also tells Hogan it is lonely at the top. They then discuss Sgt. Slaughter vs. Ultimate Warrior. Savage says everyone should stand at attention and honor the great American that is Sgt. Slaughter. We then cut to the opening video and come back to Savage in the back interviewing Sgt. Slaughter with General Adnan and Col. Mustafa.

Backstage Interview: Sgt. Slaughter, Gen. Adnan, & Col. Mustafa

The interview starts with Sgt. Slaughter saluting the Macho Man. Savage tells Slaughter he wants Slaughter to beat the Ultimate Warrior like he did at the Royal Rumble. Slaughter tells Savage that he can stand at ease and that a great American like Savage never has to stand at attention for Sgt. Slaughter. Slaughter then says that Hogan may have won the battle at Wrestlemania but he didn’t win the war. They show Slaughter throwing a fireball into Hogan’s face as he is coming back to his locker room at Wrestlemania. Slaughter says he is going to win the battle tonight because he knows what he is deathly afraid of because he has spoken to Paul Bearer. Slaughter said tonight he is going to take Warrior’s breath away and thats an order.

Backstage Interview: The Ultimate Warrior

The interview starts with footage of Undertaker stuffing Ultimate Warrior inside of a coffin during the funeral parlor. Okerlund says Warrior has suffered through something very few have and thats live in the darkness. Warrior says that he has learned to live in the normal light of this universe and that Slaughter and Undertaker don’t have the fate to seal Warrior’s destiny for himself and his little Warriors. He said his final vision inside the casket was of Undertaker and Slaughter. Warrior says he is bring Slaughter the ultimate battle tonight.

Match 1: Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter

Warrior charges the ring and once he gets in all three members of Sgt. Slaughters triangle of terror leave the ring. Sgt. Slaughter comes into the ring by climbing to the top rope. Warrior slams him off the top rope and we are off to a fast start. Warrior nails Slaughter with a slow delayed back body drop to keep control of the match. Warrior then nails Slaughter with a big right hand and Slaughter goes flipping over the top rope. Warrior nails Slaughter a few times outside the ring then throws him back in.

Slaughter backs off a little bit and Warrior comes in slowly and Slaughter pokes him in the eye. Savage on commentary is already awesome. I thought he would be a terrible announcer and distract from the show but he is doing a good job thus far. Slaughter slams Warriors face right into the ring post on the outside. Slaughter throws Warriors small of the back into the edge of the ring apron. Slaughter rolls him back into the ring and starts to work the lower back.

Slaughter throws Warrior off the ropes front first and nails him in the lower back with a shoulder. Warrior tries to regain the advantage but rakes the eyes of Warrior. Slaughter delivers a garbage looking back breaker to continue to work the back. Slaughter gets Warrior in a bear hug to continue to work on the lower back of Warrior. I will say that Slaughter is working a little better this time around compared to Royal Rumble where he was just brutal.

Warrior gets out of the bear hug and body slams Slaughter. Both men are hurting and Slaughter starts back on the attack first. Slaughter then gets Warrior back into the bear hug again. Another rest hold already? Slaughter was terrible during this run. Warrior drops to one knee while inside the bear hug. During the hold you can see Paul Bearer rolling down the custom built casket that Warrior got trapped in.

Warrior breaks out of the bear hug and spots the casket. Warrior is baffled by the casket being there. Paul Bearer has the most amazing look on his face looking right at Warrior. Slaughter nails Warrior with a clothesline to the back and Warrior falls to the outside as. Slaughter puts the boots to Warrior as the show goes to commercial. Slaughter rolls Warrior back into the ring. Warrior starts to hype up and during this time Savage makes a great comment on commentary by saying “This isn’t the same person I fought at Wrestlemania 7.” Warrior gets control and he just runs back and forth and nails Slaughter with 3-4 clotheslines.

Warrior goes for his diving smash and while he is running Paul Bearer opens up the casket and Undertaker is sitting inside. Warrior is about to go for the gorilla press slam when the Undertaker turns his head and stares Warrior down. Warrior is in total shock as Slaughter, Adnan, Mustafa, and Undertaker all pummel the Warrior.

Undertaker starts putting the boots to Undertaker while the Triangle of Terror hold him up. HOGAN COMES OUT TO MAKE THE SAVE!!! Hogan is cleaning house on everyone. He takes off his belt and nails Undertaker in the face and Undertaker no sells it and Hogan is in total shock that he just took that. Hogan chases Slaughter to the back.





In the ring Undertaker is trying to nail the Warrior with a few elbow drops but he misses. Warrior gets up and nails Undertaker with a clothesline that Undertaker no sells. Warrior tries again and Undertaker doesn’t even move. Warrior gets a head of steam and nails the Undertaker with a shoulder block that sends him over the top rope but Undertaker lands on his feet and just stares the Warrior down. Refs come in and breakup the action as we go to another commercial break.

There wasn’t much to the match as far as wrestling is concerned but the match did do a lot to further the storyline between Hogan/Slaughter as well as Undertaker/Warrior. It would have been pretty awesome to have this tag match at SummerSlam instead of what we got. Undertaker could have used the main event rub at this point especially considering what they did with him at Survivor Series. The spots that Warrior and Taker had were pretty awesome to see. Undertaker sitting up while Warrior running was pretty good as well as the shoulder block that sent Undertaker over the top rope to land on his feet. Very well done by everyone involved. Props to Hogan for getting the hell out of there so the two guys could get themselves over instead of hogging the spotlight. Pretty great stuff here at the end but the match itself was garbage and that was more on Slaughter than anything Warrior did.

Backstage Interview: The Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart

Jimmy Hart starts by saying we may be Nasty but we aren’t disgusting like the Bushwhackers. Saggs says they are going to beat the Bushwhackers like monkeys and turn them into pets. Knobbs starts talking and starts imitating the Bushwhackers. Knobbs says they are going to rip their arms off and shove them up their noses because they are nasty.

Backstage Interview: The Bushwhackers

Bushwhackers said they will show them nasty and they start licking pipers face. They then say they will get even more nastier and they start lifting up Piper’s kilt. Piper says they are plenty nasty for him so go convince the Nasty Boys you are nasty.

Match 2: WWF Tag Team Title Match: Nasty Boys (c) vs. Bushwhackers

Vince asks Savage what would it be like if the Bushwhackers won the Tag Team Titles and Savage says he doesn’t care because they won’t beat the Nasty’s. Knobbs climbs the middle turnbuckle to try and get some heat. These guys were garbage and I hate watching their work. Knobbs and Luke start of the match in the corner and Knobbs lays in a few right hands before Luke reverses and takes control. Savage says “I don’t get why people like these guys. If this was smellavision you would know what I mean.” Knobbs lays in a few shoulder blocks in the corner then tries to Irish whip Knobbs. Luke reverses it and nails a few right hands. The Bushwhackers take down both Nasty Boys and get control of the match. The Nasty’s go outside to regroup.

Butch poses for the crowd and Saggs attacks him from behind to get control of the match. They go to Jimmy Hart on the outside and he looks amazing with his helmet on. This was always an awesome look to me for Jimmy Hart. Too bad it didn’t last very long. Butch reverses the Irish whip and nails Saggs with a knee to the midsection. Luke goes for the cover but Knobbs interrupts it. Butch comes in and attacks Knobbs then they nail both of them with the battery ram. Nasty Boys go outside to regroup once again.

Luke gets whipped into the rope and on the way back Knobbs nails him with a kick to the back of the head and Saggs takes control of the match. Knobbs keeps control of the match with a hard irish whip to the turnbuckle and Luke crumbles to the ground. We get some double team moves and quick tags from the Nasty’s as they remain in control of the match.

Luke reverses an irish whip and gets the tag to Butch. Butch comes in with a house of fire and clotheslines Knobbs and Saggs multiple times. He goes for a quick cover but Saggs saves the day. Saggs whips Butch into the ropes and he ducks the clothesline but Knobbs nails him with one and they go for the cover for a 2 count. Bushwhackers nearly get the win by a body press but Saggs saves the day once again. Pretty good back and forth action here. Knobbs trips up Butch and goes for the cover while Saggs pushes his foot into Knobbs ass for leverage and they get the win. After the match Luke and Butch attack the Nasty Boys and nail them with a battery ram as they celebrate.

This match was all right. Nothing special but nothing terrible either. Both teams worked at a fast pace and there weren’t many rest holds here. The action was fast and furious and they hit their spots. I was rather surprised at that fact. Usually both of these teams are pretty sloppy but they got through this match without looking sloppy at all. I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch this match but you may be entertained if you did watch it.

Backstage Interview: The Undertaker & Paul Bearer

Okerlund confronts Bearer with what the Undertaker did earlier in the Ultimate Warrior match. Okerlund said he is appalled. Paul Bearer says death lays in the Ultimate Warriors future. He said they have been saving box tops and that the Ultimate Warrior will be their biggest prize yet. Undertaker says it is a cold cruel world and he will not rest until the Ultimate Warrior rests in piece.

Backstage Interview: Earthquake & Jimmy Hart

They start the interview off by showing Earthquake squashing Damien. Earthquake said don’t expect any sympathy regarding Damien because he hates snakes and all pets. He said in this battle royal he is going to squash Jake Roberts like he did Damien. He said he is going to eliminate Hogan and everyone else to win the battle royal. Jimmy Hart says in the battle royal there is no escape from an Earthquake. Earthquake starts jumping up and down during this and the screen shakes with him. It’s completely out of sync and looks cheap and second rate.

Backstage Interview: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

Savage asks Jake if he lost more than a friend but he lost the very symbol of his being, is he right or wrong? Jake says Savage doesn’t have the capacity to understand what he lost and neither does Earthquake. Jake said its like a little kid losing their puppy that got hit by a car. Jake says he shared every moment and every breath with Damien. He said there are two things he can do and thats either roll over and die or he can present something more terrifying to Earthquake and thats Lucifer, the devil himself.

Backstage Interview: Hulk Hogan

Okerlund says that Hogan is preoccupied by Sgt. Slaughter. Okerlund reminds Hogan that there are 19 other competitors waiting for Hogan in the battle royal. Hogan says the Battle Royal is just another test. Hogan says they are in war mode and that he is going to look at everyone like the enemy. He says he is going to get through the battle royal alive. Hogan also says after the battle royal he is going to come after Slaughter and that he is now ready to play by Slaughters rules. Okerlund reminds Hogan that everyone is going to be gunning for him because he is the WWF Champion. Hogan says whats are they going to do when he wipes them out in the Battle Royal and he comes gunning for you Slaughter.

Match 3: 20 Man Battle Royal

Hogan gets on the apron and starts pointing at everyone to start off the match. Hogan gets right in and goes right after Earthquake. Fists of fury are flying as everyone is going after everyone. Earthquake and Hogan are working on the ropes then Jake comes over and starts laying into Earthquake as both men double team Earthquake. Hogan goes after someone else as Jake continues to work over Earthquake.

Tugboat is working over Paul Roma. Kato lays in some kicks on Jake. Marty goes over the top but hangs on to the ropes and dumps Roma with a head scissor. Paul Roma is eliminated. Roma then pulls Marty out after he is eliminated. Marty Jannetty is eliminated. Duggan begins working over Earthquake and so does Boss Man. Hogan tries to dump Mr. Perfect but Earthquake comes over to make the save. Jake is down on the mat as Earthquake puts his big boot on his throat and chokes him out. Texas Tornado comes over to make the save. Perfect comes off the top rope with an ax handle to Boss Man. Tornado then attacks Perfect with some lefts and rights.

Tugboat was trying to eliminate Barbarian until Haku comes over to make the save. Perfect goes through the bottom rope as Hogan grabs him and throws him back into the ring. Hogan and Hammer taker turns dropping elbows and right hands. Hogan then nails him and he goes flying over the top rope but hangs on. Meanwhile, Warlord dumps the British bulldog. British bulldog is eliminated. On the other side of the ring Jimmy Snuka dumps Tanaka then Haku dumps Jimmy Snuka. Tanaka and Jimmy Snuka are eliminated. Shawn Michaels had Kato on his shoulder and almost had him eliminated. Warlord starts to work over Tugboat.

Earthquake comes from behind and dumps Jake Roberts as he is trying to eliminate Hercules. Earthquake taunts Jake but the Hammer gets him from behind. Jake Roberts gets out the snake and lays it on the feet of the Earthquake. Earthquake realizes the snake is in the ring and he falls back and falls on his ass as he is afraid of the snake. Jake Roberts is eliminated. The match is at a stand still as Jake Roberts gets his snake out of the ring.

We come back from commercial break with Perfect and Hogan working each other over in the corner. Hogan is attempting to dump the Earthquake but his friend Tugboat comes over and saves Earthquake. Hogan and Tugboat then square off as they rake each others eyes and trade left and rights. Warlord comes over to interrupt until Hogan takes him and dumps him over the top rope. Warlord is eliminated. The Barbarian then takes the Texas Tornado and dumps him over the top rope. Texas Tornado is eliminated.

Earthquake comes up from behind and dumps Jim Duggan over the top rope. Jim Duggan is eliminated. Hulk Hogan then grabs the Earthquake and throws him over the top rope. Earthquake hangs on but Hogan gives him a boot to the midsection and he is eliminated. Earthquake is eliminated. There are 10 left in the ring. Hogan picks up Kato and dumps him then Tugboat comes from behind and eliminates Hogan. Kato is eliminated. Hulk Hogan is eliminated. Shawn Michaels nails Tugboat from behind and eliminates him as well. Tugboat is eliminated. In one of the instances where you can clearly tell wrestling is scripted, Big Boss Man barely irish whips Hercules and he takes it upon himself to run and jump over the top rope for little to no reason. It is hilarious to see. Hercules is eliminated. There are 6 people left in the battle royal.

The Hammer picks up Mr. Perfect and tries to eliminate him but Perfect hangs on and gets back in the ring. Boss Man then comes after Perfect and nails him with some lefts and rights. Boss Man starts working over the Barbarian and as he is winding up his right hand to deck Barbarian, Perfect comes up from behind and nails him with a drop kick and eliminates him. What an awesome spot. Big Boss Man is eliminated. The final five are Barbarian, Haku, Greg Valentine, Shawn Michaels, and Mr. Perfect.

Perfect is holding Shawn as Haku chops him 2-3 times. On the 4th try Shawn dunks as Haku chops Perfect. Shawn then drop kicks Haku and he goes flying over the top rope. Haku is eliminated. Valentine and Barbarian are going at while Shawn takes it to Mr. Perfect. Shawn nails Perfect with a drop kick then he retreats to the corner. Shawn gets irish whipped into the corner and he flips upside down and goes out to the apron. Perfect goes for a couple of clotheslines but Shawn ducks them. After the second one Perfect shoulder tackles Shawn and he gets eliminated. Shawn Michaels is eliminated. 3 men are left in the battle royal, Barbarian/Valentine/Perfect.

Valentine is taking it two both men and controls the match. Valentine tries to eliminate the Barbarian but Perfect comes to the rescue as both men take it to Valentine. Perfect and Barbarian do the “high ten” according to Randy Savage. Barbarian is holding Valentine and Perfect comes in with a drop kick and nails Barbarian after Valentine ducks the move. Valentine then capitalizes and dumps the Barbarian to make it Perfect and the Hammer as the final two combatants. The Barbarian is eliminated. Valentine reverses the exchange in the turnbuckle and nails Perfect with a couple of chops. He then irish whips Perfect into the corner and when Perfect comes out he nails him with another chop. Perfect damn near does a backflip selling the chop. What an awesome job by Perfect. He is truly one of the greatest and this match shows just how good he is. What an athlete.

They show a concerned Heenan on the outside as Valentine nails Perfect with an atomic drop right into the top turnbuckle. Perfect sells it like a million bucks as well. Valentine drops a couple of hammer elbow drops as the crowd goes crazy for Valentine. Hammer tries to dump Perfect but Perfect hangs on and gets back in the ring. Valentine picks up Perfect in a body slam type move and tries to dump him over the top rope. Perfect grabs on and sends Valentine over the top rope with him. Perfect holds on and only one foot touches the floor as he rolls back in to win the 20 man battle royal! What a great ending to a pretty damn good battle royal.

This was a hell of a battle royal. There was so much going on throughout the match that you wanted to pay attention to. You had Warlord and Bulldog going at it. You also had Jake trying to settle the score with Earthquake. You had anyone and everyone going after Hogan since he is the world champ. The ending with Perfect and Valentine was very well done and a joy to watch. Perfect would sell like a million bucks for anyone he is in the ring with and that is a testament to the professional and just how good Perfect was. I would definitely take the time to watch this Battle Royal and if you do definitely pay attention to how Hercules gets dumped. What a lazy ass way to get eliminated. That is probably the only bad mark on the match.

Backstage Interview: ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted Dibiase & ‘Sensational’ Sherri

DiBiase said Bret Hart has climbed the ladder of the WWF because he is courageous and having a big heart. Sherri says “money isn’t the only thing, it is everything.” Sherri then says that DiBiase has more money then Bret Hart ever will in his life. DiBiase says he is a generous man and he has a present for him, the same one that he gave Piper at Wrestlemania and Virgil’s is in the mail. It is a crutch. DiBiase says he has been leaning on a lot of people recently and tonight Bret Hart he is going to lean on you.

Match 4: ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase vs. Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart

The match starts with both men locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. DiBiase doesn’t give him the clean break and nails Bret with a knee to the midsection. DiBiase retains control with lefts and rights in the corner. Bret reverses the irish whip and hits a hip toss on DiBiase. Bret then hits DiBiase with a few clotheslines then he clotheslines him a 3rd time and sends him packing over the top rope. Bret then nails DiBiase with a cross body over the top rope to the outside. Bret rolls him back to the ring and gets DiBiase in a headlock.

Bret is running the ropes and when he gets on Sherri’s side she reaches out and trips him. Bret gets up and grabs Sherri and drags her to the apron. He goes in like he is going to kiss her and DiBiase comes charging after him. Bret moves out of the way and DiBiase runs right into Sherri as he sends her packing to the floor. Bret rolls up DiBiase for a 2 count. What a classic sequence and it’s one of those things no matter how many times it’s done it always works. Bret hits DiBiase with a shoulder block then DiBiase catches Bret coming off the ropes and just dumps him across the top rope. DiBiase then nails Bret with an awesome looking piledriver. He goes for the cover and only gets a 2. Bret reverses a back body drop and was running him into the ropes but DiBiase ducks and sends Bret flying out of the ring.

DiBiase rams Bret’s face into the stairs. Sherri then comes around and nails Bret with a vicious open hand slap. Sherri and her cleavage is looking mighty nice on this show. She’s always a pleasure to watch and she never stops the whole match. Sherri then takes her jacket off and chokes Bret with it. DiBiase chokes Bret under the bottom rope. Sherri then sizes Bret’s throat up and nails him with a right hand. DiBiase picks Bret up and he irish whips him chest first into the turn buckle. DiBiase goes for the Million Dollar Dream but Bret backs him into the turnbuckle to free himself up.

DiBiase goes to the middle rope and goes for an ax handle but Bret moves and nails him in the midsection and DiBiase does his classic flip sell job. Bret has control of the match by laying in left and right hands. DiBiase goes down and begs Bret off. Bret hits the inverted atomic drop then bounces off the rope and nails DiBiase with a weird looking European uppercut. Bret hits the side Russian leg sweep and goes for the cover and gets a 2.

Bret does his typical end of the match stuff that he is known for. He hits DiBiase with the elbow off the middle rope and gets a 2 2/3 count. What a great match going here. Bret is going off the ropes again and Sherri grabs him by the leg. Bret goes out after Sherri. Bret grabs her then DiBiase hits him with an ax handle off the apron. Piper leaves commentary after he says “I’m going on a witch hunt.” Piper comes down and gets right up on Sherri from behind. Sherri turns around and starts to back pedal. Piper then looks under the ring and finds a broom. He spanks Sherri with it 3 times on the backside. He follows that up by putting it between his legs and chases Sherri around the ring and to the back. Finally the match is a 1 on 1 encounter.

Back in the ring Bret has control until DiBiase rakes his eyes. DiBiase goes outside and goes after Sherri. Bret follows him outside and they clobber each other on the outside as both men get counted out. Bret gets back in the ring upset that he lost. DiBiase looks heated on the outside as he heads to the back to find Sherri.

This was a pretty entertaining match from the beginning to the end. Both of these guys are considered greats for a reason and they show it off here. Both men have great offense and they both do a remarkable job of telling a story inside of the ring. Bret’s comebacks are always fun and get you invested in the match. Sherri on the outside was always something to be hold because she never stopped. She gave it everything she had from the opening bell to the closing bell. What a talented performer she was. This match isn’t anything mind blowing special but it is two great workers in the ring doing what they do best. I would recommend checking it out.

Match 5: The Mountie vs. Tito Santana

The match starts with both men locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. Mountie gives Tito a clean break then yells right in his face that he is the Mountie. Tito nails him with a huge right hand then hits him with an atomic drop. He then hits Mountie with a couple of drop kicks and sends Mountie to the outside. Tito follows him out and he tried to get Mountie and Jimmy Hart with a double noggin knocker but Mountie reverses it. Santana regains control and rolls the Mountie back in to the ring.

Santana nails Mountie a few lefts and rights and sends mountie to the canvas over in the corner. Santana goes for a monkey flip but Mountie holds on and Tito goes flying backwards. Mountie puts the boots to Tito then gets on the mat and slams Tito head first into it. Mountie picks him up and gets him in some weird contraption so he he can ram Tito’s head into the top turnbuckle. Mountie bounces off the ropes and goes for a splash but Tito gets the knees up and prevents it from happening.

Tito gets up and nails him with the flying forearm and he goes for the cover. Jimmy Hart gets in the ring and stops the cover. Tito then nails Jimmy Hart with the flying forearm. Meanwhile Mountie grabs the cattle prod and shocks Tito Santana right in the neck with it. Mountie goes for the cover and gets the 3 and the victory.

This was just your typical filler at the end of the show. Both guys went out and put on a quick match to fill in the last 5 or so minutes of the show. This match was similar to their Wrestlemania 7 encounter but not by much. Jacques really got into this Mountie character and it is fun to watch. Tito was Tito and he had his hot comeback that he is known for. Nothing to write home about but I wouldn’t skip the match if I started watching this show.

Backstage Interview: Sgt. Slaughter, Gen. Adnan, & Col. Mustafa

Okerlund wants to know if there are any depths that he wouldn’t stoop to. Slaughter says tonight Hogan interfered on a military burial. Slaughter says that soon it will be Hogans burial. Slaughter says he recalls seeing Hogan’s face on fire and smelling his skin burning. “Oh how we love the smell of napalm in the morning.” Slaughter can’t wait to pull the rest of Hogan’s skin off so he can have pukeamania in his hands. Slaughter declares he will win the war and that he rules the World Wrestling Federation and thats an order.

Backstage Interview: Hulk Hogan

Piper tells Hogan that Slaughter said Hogan may have won the battle tonight but he won’t win the war. Hogan says Slaughter should have realized that he was going to be in this war until the end. Hogan says he is going to be in his way until the end. Piper then tells Hogan that Slaughter says he hasn’t brought out the heavy artillery yet. Hogan says that when Slaughter started the war with him and all of the Hulkamaniacs is that he no longer carries his own destiny that Hogan does in his hands. He says this is the Hogan of the 90s and that he has secret weapons and the heavy artillery. Hogan says there will be no unconditional surrender and no prisoner of war. He says he is going to wipe Slaughter off the face of the earth and Whatcha gonna do Slaughter?

Closing Thoughts: Randy Savage and Vince McMahon

Vince talks about Mr. Perfect winning the Battle Royal earlier on. He also mentions the Nasty Boys continuing their title reign by beating the Bushwhackers. Savage says it was really something when the Undertaker sat up in the casket. He says next time Undertaker and Warrior face off it will be an open and shut case. Vince says the war continues to rage between Slaughter and the Hulkster. Savage says that Slaughter has more weapons than Hogan realizes in his arsenal and that Slaughter will be the WWF champion once again.

Vince says he had a great time and so did Savage. Vince says he likes Savages hat. Vince tells Savage to say goodbye so Savage tells Vince to say goodbye. Vince says “Oh yeah” then Savage responds with the “oh no” as the show fades to black.

Final Thoughts:
This was a pretty good show top to bottom. The opening match was great and it continued the feuds between Hogan and Slaughter as well as Undertaker’s and Warriors. The battle royal was top notch and a joy to watch as well. Mr. Perfect throughout the match steals the show and it’s a testament to how talented he really was. The DiBiase vs. Bret match definitely delivered and is fun to watch. All of the interviews and the production value are top notch as always. A pretty entertaining show to watch and it goes fast because of the 1 hour time frame. I would definitely recommend giving this show a watch when you have the free time. Until next time this is Steve Caudle signing off from the Event Center.

Next up:
We will travel back in time to 1989 again and witness Clash of the Champions 7 from Fort Bragg North Carolina. It was a sweat box but one hell of a show. Join me next time right here on CrazyMax’s The Event Center!