The “OH MY GOD!” Review Returns! ECW “DOUBLE TABLES” 2/4/95


1995-02-04 Double Tables at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Dean Malenko
Tag: Public Enemy

Joey Styles opens up our home video at ringside. Joey brings out Jason for an interview. Jason says he is there to congratulate himself because soon he will have the next Tag Team Champions The Pitbulls. They come out and laugh maniacally. Jason says he has the exclusive U.S. rights to Jason from W*ings in Japan. Out comes Jason.


The Pitbulls & Jason (w/ Jason) vs. Young Dragons & “Shah” Hack Meyers, ref John Finnegan

Pitbulls beat on one of the Dragons. Pitbull 2 almost kills him with a suplex. One of the Dragons gets his mask taken off. It’s not Mikey Whipwreck or Paul Lauria. Pitbulls with a double suplex on Hack. Pitbulls and Jason dominate Hack for like 5 minutes. Jason pins Hack after the Pitbulls flapjack him on top. 8 minutes. Jason buts a promo at ringside with Joey again until Hack attacks. For some reason Pitbulls and Jason for some reason leave Jason alone with Hack to get his ass kicked. Angel comes to the ring for some reason and pushes Hack. Hack punches her in the face and she doesn’t fucking bump!!!! Hack hrs her again and she goes down. Hack spanks her and he likes it and kisses him. Hack doesn’t appreciate the advance and piledrives her. Match seemed like it could have been clipped.


Tommy Dreamer vs. Steve Richards (w/ Raven), ref Jim Molineaux

The “The” has been dropped from The Raven and he is now just Raven. HAHA Joey just called the internet “the internet computer system”. Quickly to the floor Richards beats on Dreamer. Dreamer fights back once they get in the ring and hits a swinging neck breaker. Dreamer gets a frying pan and goes low on Richards. Richards though cuts off Dreamer and chokes him on the mat. Richards goes for a hip toss but Dreamer reverses it into a DDT and follows that up with a side slam. Dreamer with a frog splash from the top for 2. Dreamer goes back up top but Richards falls into the ropes knocking him down. Richards goes up top with him but Dreamer back elbows him off and comes off the top with a cross body for 2. Neckbreaker by Dreamer gets a near fall. Raven gets in the ring and grabs Dreamer. Richards hits a super kick. Richards goes for another but Dreamer drops to the mat ducking it and then punches Richards low. Dreamer covers and picks up the win in 7.39. Raven gets “held back” by the ref and Richards after the match as the fans chant “pussy” at him.


“Giant” Paul Lauria (w/ Jason) vs. Mikey Whipwreck, ref John Finnegan

They go at it on the floor right away. Mikey throws Lauria into the crowd then asks for them to throw him back. Lauria gets away and goes for a baseball slide but gets tied up in the ropes and crotches himself. Mikey with a shoulder block. Lauria ducks a ling and leaps onto Mikey’s shoulders then goes into a body scissor take down. Mikey is soooooo much bigger then Lauria. Mikey sent into the ropes and he hits a cross body for 2 followed by a suplex and a few fist drops. Jason up on the apron and Mikey shots Lauria into him. Mikey to the apron and he slingshots himself back in and head scissors Lauria to the floor. Mikey goes for a slingshot tope but misses and lands hard on the floor. Jason gets in a few shots. Blood pouring out of the chin or lip of Mikey. Back in the ring Lauria ducks his head. Mikey grabs a double arm but instead of going for a DDT stretches Lauria back. Lauria doesn’t give up though so Mikey butterfly suplexes him. Lauria goes low and then heads to the top. Mikey meets him up there and hits a super bulldog. Mikey covers but Jason pulls him out of the ring at 2. Mikey nails Jason and slides boac in. Mikey goes for a power bomb. Lauria back drops him into a pin for 2. Mikey bridges out into a backslide for the 3 in 9.13.


Axl Rotten vs. Ian Rotten, ref Jim Molineaux

The Bad Breed EXPLODES!!! Axl runs towards the ring and clotheslines Ian in the aisle. They brawl on the floor. Ian blades and doesn’t even try to hide it. Ian gushing blood as Axl all over him for the first 5 minutes. Ian managers a come back and hits a drop kick and then starts to beat on Axl. Axl though quickly back in control. Ian is a bloody mess. Axl beats on Ian in the corner. Ian able to trip up Axl put his feet on the ropes for the win out of no where in 6.42. Axl beats the shit out of Ian after the match.


“Snowman” Al Snow vs. “Crippler” Chris Benoit, ref John Finnegan

Lots of back and forth arm reversals. Test of strength. Benoit brings Snow down but he bridges and comes back up. Benoit now forced to the mat. He bridges and comes back up. Benoit breaks out and pushes Snow into a sunset flip. A few pin reversals each get 2. They push each other and Benoit nails Snow. Benoit sends Snow into the ropes and goes for a monkey flip but Snow cartwheels next to him then super kicks him. Hammerlock reversed a few times. Benoit with an elbow to break it up. Benoit with some crazy hard chops in the corner. Benoit sends Snow into the corner but Snow flips out to the apron. Benoit clotheslines him to the floor and hits him with a baseball slide. Snow up fast and he hits a spring board dropkick. A few stiff kicks send Benoit to the floor. Back in the ring Benoit slingshots Snow on the top rope then tries to ram his head into the buckle but Snow blocks it and goes up top. Benoit moves out of the way of a missale drop kick and gets 2 from a german with a bridge. Hard ass clothesline by Benoit. Benoit all over Snow now. Belly to back for 2 and a half. Benoit goes for another but Snow turns and lands on top for 2. Benoit with a slam and head butt from the top. Benoit covers and gets a 1…2 but no Snow kicks up! Benoit with a big power bomb but again Snow manages to get out. German gets 2.8! Benoit with another waist lock but Snow reverses it. Benoit reveres back but Snow reverses one more time trips up Benoit and hits a wheel barrel slam. Snow now with a release german. Back and forth they go with more suplexes getting near falls. Benoit with another release german that has both men down. Snow goes for an irish whip but Benoit reverses pulls Snow in and hits a full nelson suplex for the win in 14.36. Benoit attacks after the match and power bombs Snow. Snow gets stretchered out.


World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. Tully Blanchard, ref John Finnegan

Blanchard comes out to no music cause he’s so fucking old school. Blanchard with a slingshot suplex for a near fall early on. Piledriver for 3! NO! Shane gets his foot on the rope and the ref calls the 3 count off. To the floor they go and Shane takes over and slams Tully onto a table then comes off the apron with an elbow. Tully comes back and front suplexes Shane through the table. Back in the ring Tully comes off the top with an elbow to the back of the head of Shane. Shane lands some shots and then clotheslines Tully and they both go over the top and hard to the floor. Tully goes for a belly to back but Shane is near the turn buckle and he pushes off and lands on top for a near fall. Tully grabs the tights and pulls Shane through the ropes to the floor. Tully follows and sends Shane into the crowd. Tully pounds on the champ on the floor. Tully goes to suplex Shane back into the ring but Shane grabs the top rope and falls on top to pull a victory out of no where in 9.26.


Cactus Jack vs. Sandman (w/ Woman) ref Jim Molineaux, Texas Death Match

Cactus attacks in the aisle. Cactus dents a chair over the head of Sandman and drops a leg for the 3 count. Sandman now has a 10 count to get up. He does and gets hit with the chair again. Jack with a leg drop once more for another pin. Jack brings it to the floor but misses a charge at Sandman and hits the guard rail. Sandman takes over but Jack able to mount a comeback after only a minute or so. Jack misses a leg drop on the floor and hurts his knee. Jack again misses a charge and hits the guard rail. Back in the ring Sandman with a suplex. Sandman works over the knee of Jack. Sandman gets a chair but is distracted and Cactus attacks and goes for a piledriver on the chair. Sandman though with a backdrop to reverses it. Cactus fights back and hits a double arm DDT on the chair for 2. Jack ducks his head for a back body drop and Sandman piledrives him on a chair. DDT on the chair gets 3. Jack up before the 10 count and he gets Sandman’s cane and starts working him over with it. Sandman bails to the floor. Jack follows and beats him up some more. Jack with an elbow off the apron with a chair but Sandman kicks out. Jack back to the apron and he drops the elbow again. Sandman gets pinned but answers the 10 count. Leg drop and Sandman is up. Joey is freaking out about how tough Sandman is. DDT on the floor for 3. Sandman up again before 5! Jack with another DDT for 3. Sandman starts to get up and Jack pushes him back down. Sandman up again. ANOTHER DDT on the floor! That one finally does it as Sandman can not get up after 16.08.



Tag Team Champions Public Enemy vs. Tazmaniac & Sabu (w/ Paul E & 911)

Ref: Jim Molineaux

The brawl is on from the start Taz with a power bomb on “Flyboy” Rocco Rock. Sabu and Johnny Grunge brawl on the floor. Sabu puts Grunge in a chair and dives through the ropes onto him. Sabu and Grunge into the crowd. Grunge busted open. Back to the ring and Grunge uses a frying pan on Sabu. Taz hits a belly to belly on Rock and Sabu with an air sabu on Grunge followed by an arabian face buster. Grunge put on a table. Sabu gets a chair and sits it on the top turn buckle. Sabu jumps off but Grunge moves and Sabu hits the table. Rock breaks off a table to the leg and nails Sabu with it. Sabu sets up the table in the corner. Taz germans Sabu onto Rock. Grunge with a belly to belly on Taz. PE throw both Taz and Sabu through the table in the corner. Taz hits Grunge with a piece of table and Sabu throws Rock through the table. Joey tells us that the rules are both members of a team have to go through a table. Which just fucking happened but ok i guess. Table set up and Grunge and Taz are on the top rope and they both pull each other down through the table. Rock puts Sabu on a table Grunge throws powder into Taz’s eyes. Rock hits the drive by putting Sabu through a table but the ref doesn’t see it cause with Taz and Grunge who are fighting. This was awesome as the left and right side of the table stayed intact and they literally fell through the middle of the table. The brawl continues on the floor. Taz puts Rock on the a table on the floor and Sabu comes off the top with a leg drop to win the titles in 9.47!! 911 sets up a table in the ring and Sabu puts one across the top turnbuckle. 911 puts Rock on the table. Sabu goes up top but Chris Benoit hits the ring and power bombs Sabu off the top table through Rock and the table!!

Benoit is backstage and he says the last two times they have faced Sabu has gone to the hospital. Benoit says people are starting to say he isn’t as tough as he says he is. He is going to show how tough he is and end Sabu for good. He and TV Champion Dean Malenko are going to take the belts from Taz and Sabu!


My thoughts on the show…

The undercard on this show is pretty damn good. Snow Benoit is freakin awesome. The crowd was totally dead for the World Title Match. It was not great like I wanted it to be. The Texas Death Match was really slow and boring. The main event was decent with a sick final spot from Benoit. This is pretty good and worth checking out.