THE “OH MY GOD!” Review: NWC In Las Vegas, NV 10/24/94 – Plus Bonus Cactus vs. Sabu!


The OMG Review takes a trip out to the west and heads to Sin City for the National Wrestling Conference. Your promotor is TC Martin.

NWC – 1994-10-24 at Aladdin Thearter in Las Vegas, Nv

This is a handheld of the event.

Volcano Kid vs. Wild Renegade, ref David Hogg
Volcano Kid plays with some flaming sticks before the match. It’s actually pretty neat. Renegade charges but Kid moves out of the way and Renegade hits the buckle. He bails to the floor. After some stalling we get back to action and Kid with a hip toss and into a chin lock. Kid ducks a line and hits one of his own and Renegade bails again. Kid now with a headlock takeover. Renegade ducks a back elbow but gets nailed with a super kick and thrown through the ropes. Renegade back in the ring and he cheats to get ahead. Kid ducks a line but then catches a knee in the stomach coming off the irish whip. Renegade slams Kid’s head into the buckle but he’s an islander so it doesn’t work. Kid comes off the second rope with a fist drop. Renegade reverses a corner whip but Kid jumps to the middle buckle hits a cross body and gets the win in 7.57.

Billy Anderson vs. Tim Patterson, ref Jesse Hernandez
Patterson refuses to take off his robe and wrestle. Ref rings the bell and begins to count him out. 3.20 in and we have our first lock up. Anderson with a headlock take over. Patterson goes to the floor again. TONS of stalling holy shit 6 minutes in. Headlock by Anderson. Patterson tries to push him off but Anderson hands onto the hair. Patterson to the apron to talk shit to the crowd. Anderson grabs his hair and drags him back into the ring and back to the headlock takedown. Patterson close lined over the top and Anderson dives out onto him. Anderson wastes time cheering with the crowd and gets stomped as he gets back in the ring. Patterson throws him back outside and follows. Anderson rammed into the ring post. Back in the ring Patterson with a flying back elbow but Anderson gets his foot on the rope at 2. Back to the floor they go. Patterson nails Anderson with a chair and rams his back into the ring apron. Still on the floor, ref giving them a lot of slack on the count out. Anderson fights back and breaks the count. Back drop on the floor. Atomic drop and clothesline by Anderson. Seriously they have been outside the ring for about 4 minutes straight now. Anderson dives over the barricade into the crowd on Patterson. The ref comes out to break them apart and gets pushed to the floor. This match might actually be over. Double count out in like 14.45.

Thug (w/ ???)vs. Wayne Young, ref David Hogg
Young looks to be about 4 and half feet tall. Thug talks some shit on the mic before the match. His manager is some crazy looking woman. Thug beats on Young and takes it to the floor slamming his face into the ring apron. In the ring Thug chokes Young on the ropes then slams his face into the turnbuckle. Young goes for a sunset flip then slips out of the way when Thug tries to punch him. Young with a bulldog but then he’s back dropped over the top rope to the floor. Thug follows but just to throw him back in. Flying shoulder tackle by Thug. Young sent into a corner and back dropped on his way out. Thug pulls him up at 2. Side slam finishes things at 4.18. Thug picks up the victory but isn’t done as he drops a few elbows after the match and throws the ref through the ropes to the floor. Bill Anderson comes down and makes the save. Thug leaves but Anderson calls him back to the ring and they brawl on the mat. Tim Patterson and Volcano kid both hit the ring to try and break things up.

Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake vs. Nailz, ref Jesse Hernandez
I saw Beefcake at an indy show in like 2000 and he came out to DMX it was great. Nailz attacks Beefcake from behind and chokes him in the corner. Beefcake moves on a corner charge and goes for 10 punches but he’s cut short with an inverted atomic drop and thrown to the floor. Nailz goes out after him but quickly sends him back in the ring. Big slam by Nailz and more choking. Nailz has like the same move set as Zeus. Nailz twists the head of Beefcake who tries to fight back but is again cut off. Beefcake again fights back and trips up Nailz and stomps him in the gut. Beefcake rakes the eyes along the top rope. Nailz forced into the corner and hits with some knees. Beefcake now bites Nailz and hits five punches in the corner. Nailz with a knee to the stomach, sends Beefcake into the opposite corner and falls with an avalanche. He goes for a second one but Beefcake moves rolls him up in a school boy and gets the three count in 8.12.

Johnny ‘The Pitbull’ Paine & Samurai Warrior vs. The Power Twins, ref David Hogg
Warrior starts for his team. Power Twins double team right away. Paine into the ring. Paine shoved to the ground and then he gets run through with a shoulder tackle a few times. Powers hits the rope and gets a knee to the back from Warrior. Warrior and Paine now control the match using illegal tactics to keep the Twins from tagging. Warrior misses a corner charge and the Twins tag but the ref is distracted and is some how able to tell the difference between the two guys that look exactly alike so he kicks the guy out of the ring. Another blind tag by the Twins. Paine and Warrior keep the Twin in their corner but don’t do much beside stomps and choke. Double clothesline and both Powers and Warrior are down. Paine distracts the ref again so he can’t see the tag. Paine goes for a hip toss but it’s reversed into a back slide, Warriro breaks up the pin. We get a nice shot of the ceiling from our camera man. Tag made and the ref finally sees it. Flying shoulder block gets the three as Paine was late to break it up in 11.47. Nope they just keep going like a 3 count was never made. Paine and Warrior hit a double clothesline. Small package now gets the win in 12.32. What the fuck. Garbage.

Bobby Bradley vs. Sabu, ref Jesse Hernandez
Sabu dives at the leg and takes down Bradley. Bradley sends Sabu into the corner and chops him. Sabu sends Bradley in but he jumps to the apron and Sabu misses a charge. Bradley with a diving head butt from the second buckle. Sabu pops up at 1 and throws Bradley out of the ring. Bradley sent into the guard rail and to a second one. Chair to the head of Bradley. Bradley sat down in the chair and Sabu dives out of the ring onto him. They fight on the floor and Bradley nails Sabu with the chair. Back in the ring Bradley chokes Sabu with his own belt. Bradley pushes the ref back and comes off the top with a double axe handle. Bradley goes for a back drop but Sabu flips out and lands on his feet. Drop kick sends Bradley to the floor. Sabu with an arabian press to the floor and throws Bradley into the crowd. Sabu flies over the rail into the crowd now. Back in the ring Sabu nails Bradley with a chair and hits air sabu. Bradley kicks out just before three and then takes over he goes up top and misses a moonsault. Sabu with a flying somersault press from the middle rope and then a sling shot one from the apron. Bradley able to get his feet on the rope at 2. Bradley hits a side slam and plays to the crowd. Bradley hits the ropes and comes off with a leg drop. Side slam by Bradley but he misses a leaping senton. Arabian press by Sabu. Bradley with a tombstone. Sabu reverses an irish whip then ducks as Bradley comes with a flying forearm, hits the mat and rolls out of the ring. Sabu with a baseball slide and he sets up a table as the fans explode. Sabu with a springboard moonsault but he over shoots it and the table doesn’t break. Bradley brings a chair into the ring but Sabu tackles him before he can use it. Arabian face buster gets the fall for Sabu in 12.20. Sabu then tries to moonsault through the table but just bounces off. The fans boo him. Fucking assholes. THE GUY JUST BOUNCED OFF A TABLE FOR YOU!! He tries again and appears to hurt his knee this time. So the third time he just leg drops it and it breaks.

Terry Funk vs. Tito Santana, ref Jesse Hernandez
Funk backs Tito into the ropes and we surprisingly get a clean break. Second one not so clean as Funk lays in a chop. Tito returns the favor so hard that it sends Funk over the top rope to the floor. In the ring Funk sent back and forth to the buckles. Santana fires away. Funk grabs Santana and they both stumble through the ropes. Funk with a piledriver on the floor. They go into the crowd and brawl. Back in the ring Funk with a neck breaker and DDT each getting him a 2 count. Tito up and he fights back and they go back into the crowd. Tito now with a piledriver for 2. Santana hits the flying forearm for 2.8. Funk up swinging wildly. Santana hits the forearm again and goes up top for a top rope one but again Funk able to kick out. Santana getting hot now argues with the ref. Funk gets something from his tights and nails Santana with it then throws it out of the ring. Funk goes to pick up Santana and gets small packed he reverses it and Santana reverses it back and gets the 3 in 11.05. Funk attacks after the match and chokes Santana. Sabu comes down and attacks Funk.

My thoughts on the show…
So many matches just had a painful amount of stalling and the tag match was just terrible. A bad start.


Sabu vs. Cactus Jack, ref Jesse Hernandez
Jack gets on the mic and says he’s not responsible for what happens tonight. Jack reverses a corner whip then hits a bulldog for 2. Jack stomps Sabu to the outside of the ring and follows. Sabu gets a chair and blasts Jack getting a 2 on the floor. Piledriver through a table and both men are down. Sabu rams Jack’s head into a wall for a 2 count. Jack gets a piece of broken table and charges at Sabu hitting him in the head and getting another near fall. Jack suplexes a table onto Sabu then hits him with a garbage can. Back into the ring Jack with a swinging neck breaker followed by an elbow drop for 2. Jack to the apron and he leg drops Sabu whose head was hanging out of the ring. 2 count on the floor for Jack. Up the bleachers they fight but our view is blocked. Sounds like someone may have just rolled down them. Sabu puts a garbage can onto Jack and hits him with another. Jack brings Sabu back to the ring and hits him with a chair then stomps away. Jack goes for a clothesline but Sabu ducks and Jack goes over the top to the floor. Sabu gets another chair and sits Jack in it. Sabu back into the ring and he dives out onto Jack. No wait Jack moved and now he covers for 2. Jack tries to suplex Sabu into the fans but Sabu reverses it and Jack hits the floor. They go back into the ring and Sabu hits air sabu for 2. Arabian press and another 2. Sabu nails Jack with a chair. He charges Jack again with it but it’s ducked and Sabu gets hit with a clothesline. Slam by Jack and he drops a leg for a near fall. Elbow drop misses. Sabu goes up top back Jack low blows him. Sabu gets the chair and nails Jack a few times. Leg drop with the chair from the second rope misses. Clothesline by Jack sends them both over the top to the floor. Jack covers for 2. Jack tries to run Sabu into a wall but Sabu pushes Jack in and gets 2 near falls. Jack whipped into the wall. Sabu charges but catches a boot and Jack hits the double arm DDT on the floor for the rare Sabu defeat in 14.21. Fun match. Sabu attacks a table afterwards.


  1. Hey guys I got some additional info on the bonus match. It comes from the first ever NWC show also held in October of 1994. It was in the town of Pahrump, Nevada. I’m fairly certain it takes place in a school gym also.