The “OH MY GOD!” Review: ECW TV 1/31/95 And ECW Invades Flagstaff 2/3/95


TV 1995-01-31 (Matches taped 1995-01-16 at Armory in Orlando, Fl)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Dean Malenko
Tag: Public Enemy

We see the end of last week’s main event.  Joey Styles is going over some things with the production team after last week’s show when they start freaking out and go back to the ring where the savages from Florida are throwing their chairs into the ring.

Opening video.

Joey sends it to an interview with World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas.  Douglas at the hotel pool talks about how Tully Blanchard used to do drugs and drink and then tell everyone not to do it.  Tonight Douglas says that he Dean Malenko and “Crippler” Chris Benoit the Triple Threat did what the Four Horsemen used to do to so many in the past.  People will now raise three fingers instead of four to show their respect.

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy vs. Sabu & Tazmaniac (w/ Paul E Dangerously & 911) ref John “Pee Wee” Moore

Sabu apparently has a fractured ankle.  Things start off heavy as they brawl before the bell.  Sabu hits a moonsault on Johnny Grunge but “Flyboy” Rocco Rock breaks it up.  Taxplex gets a 2.  Some brawling on the floor.  Grunge busted open already.  Make that lots of brawling on the floor.  Back in the ring Sabu with a springboard moonsault to both PE for a 2 count.  Japanese arm drag by Taz to both and they bail.  Taz whips Sabu into the ropes and he dives through onto PE.  They catch him though and drive him back first into the ring post.  Taz gets double teamed.  Sabu back in the ring to break it up.  He hits a moonsault from the top onto Rock but Grunge breaks up the pin.  Double back body drop onto Grunge.  T bone suplex.  Sabu brings in a table.  Grunge put on the table but in comes Rock.  He gets germen suplexed.  Sabu and Grunge to the floor.  Grunge put on a table.  Taz has Rock up top and wants to superplex him through the table in the ring.  Rock pushes Taz off through the table as Sabu dives out of the ring putting Grunge through a table.  Rock covers and gets the pin in 8.52.  911 comes in and grabs the ref by the throat.  Rock nails him with a chair twice and he no sells it and chokeslams him.  Ref now goes up and gets one too.

Joey is with Paul E now.  Paul E says he has a special hell planned for PE.  He says they are going to say that they have been through the streets and Paul E can’t do anything they are afraid of.  Paul E says the hell is that they are going to go through tables and straight back to the hood.  From their he says they will go to jail where no one is going to call them champ cause they’re only going to call them bitch!

Next Arena show card is Douglas/Blanchard for the title, PE versus Sabu and Taz in a Double Tables match.  Cactus Jack takes on Sandman in a Texas Death Match.  Mikey Whipwreck against Paul Lauria.  Benioit against “Snowman” Al Snow, Bad Breed square off and Tommy Dreamer battles Steve Richards.  Just a few days away!!

The Raven is in a class room and he says childhood should be a time of bliss unless you are different.  Then it becomes a scar instead of a good memory.  The Raven says Dreamer is going to return to the classroom only this time he won’t graduate.  They zoom on the blackboard and I hate Dreamer is written over and over on it.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Cactus Jack vs. Sandman (w/ Woman) ref Jim Molineaux 

Cactus attacks Sandman in the aisle with a garbage can.  Into the ring Jack with a neck breaker for 2.  Jack hits the ropes and Woman nails him with the cane.  Jack goes out and stalks her.  Sandman comes out after and they fight on the floor.  Sandman takes over.  Garbage can to the head.  Back in the ring Sandman stays on the attack and hits a fameasser from the top.  Cactus comes back and puts Sandman up top and nails him with the garbage can twice.  Back to the floor they go for a bit.  In the ring Jack goes to punch Sandman but Sandman lifts the garbage can up and Jack punches that hurting his hand.  Sandman covers and gets 2.  Sandman smashes the can into the hand of Cactus then piledrivers him on it.  Sandman charges with the can but Jack ducks.  Sandman goes flying over the top to the floor.  Cactus elbow off the apron for the 1, 2 and 3 in 9.17.  Woman canes Cactus after the match but he ne sells it and again goes after her.  Sandman from behind with the cane over and over to the head of Cactus busting him open.  Sandman tries to jab his cigarette into the eye of Cactus but Mikey Whipwreck hits the ring and makes the save.

Sandman is with Woman in the back they want more of Cactus.  Cactus also isn’t done with the Sandman.  It’s a pretty kick ass promo I just don’t feel like typing much right now.

My thoughts on the show…

Good show.  Two fun matches and a sweet promo at the end by Cactus.


1995-02-03 at Flagstaff in Jim Thorpe, Pa


World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas

TV: Dean Melanie

Tag: Public Enemy

Young Dragons vs. 911 (w/ Paul E Dangerously) ref Jim Molineaux

YES!  One of the Dragons gets a chair 911 no sells it grabs them brings them up and down.   Paul E calls for it again.  Individual chokeslams and another double one finishes it in 2.07.  Ref gets one after the match.

Dino Sendoff vs. Steve Richards (w/ The The Raven) ref John Finnegan

Oh man I really don’t want to have to watch this.  Richards with a slam and he goes over to The Raven to talk strategy.  Snap suplex and again they chat but Dino attacks Richards from behind.  Corner whip and he follows with a big splash.  Ten punches in the corner, another corner whip and charge but Richards hits a super kick for the win in 2.25.  Another one after the match.  The Raven loads up his boot and kicks Dino in the head.  Tommy Dreamer makes his way down to ringside.  Sandman comes from behind and nails him with the cane.  Piledriver by Sandman.  Sandman then walks back down the aisle gets Woman and comes back to the ring while his music plays waiting all 20 minutes for the song to end before starting his match with Dreamer.

Sandman (w/ Woman) vs. Tommy Dreamer ref Jim Molineaux

Seriously this guy is a fucking moron.  Just stay in the ring and get the god damn pin!  He finally gets in the ring but by this point Dreamer is up and able to duck and cane shot and nail Sandman.  To the floor they go and Sandman gets hit with a chair.  Back in the ring Sandman able to take control with a slam and knee drop.  Back to the floor Dreamer with a DDT but then Sandman whips him into the guard rail.  Sandman misses a top rope leg drop but is able to remain in control and hit one on a second attempt.  Sandman with a DDT on a chair.  Sandman misses an elbow drop and lands on the chair.  Dreamer unfolds the chair then stands on it and pedigrees Sandman off it for the pin in 6.47.  Woman comes in with the cane after but Dreamer gets it from her and hits Sandman with it.

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy vs. “Shah” Hack Meyers & JT Smith ref John Finnegan

BOOOOOO! God Smith and Meyers teaming is like the worst thing to ever happen to me in my life.  Smith and “Flyboy” Rocco Rock start off.  Johnny Grunge gets on the mic and points out that a fan must have been born from cousins mating.  Smith wants to know how Grunge would know unless he is one.  After five minutes we finally get our first lock up and Rock with an arm bar brings Smith over.  Smith works over the arm.  Grunge tags in and he wants Hack.  They go punch for punch unit Grunge kicks Hack low and sends him to the floor.  Grunge hits Hack with a chair a few times and then takes him into the crowd.  Hack with a chair now.  All four men brawl in the crowd.  Back into the ring Smith is double teamed by PE.  Grunge and Rock with a double impaler DDT.  Hack back in the ring and he gets hit with the reverse DDT drive by combo and pinned in 16.23.

“Crippler” Chris Benoit vs. Tazmaniac ref Jim Molineaux

Taz hits the ring and Benoit attacks him.  Belly to back suplex and slam by Benoit.  Hard back elbow by Benoit.  Benoit with a corner whip and short arm clothesline.  Sweet power bomb gets a 2 count.  Benoit throws Taz onto the top rope.  Camera man films the crowd for a really long time.  Benoit with a back breaker.  Superplex gets 2.  Taz fights back a bit.  They switch go behinds five or six times and Taz finally wins out hitting a german.  Benoit sent into the corner and Taz with a super northern lights but Benoit kicks out at 2.  Jason comes down to the ring and trips Taz as he hits the ropes.  Paul E comes out to chase of Jason.  Oh yea why wasn’t he there the whole time.  “Snowman” Al Snow comes out and hits Taz with a chair followed by Sabu to make the save and then PE to attack Taz and Sabu.  DQ in 7.12.  911 comes out and cleans house.  “Snowman” Al Snow gets a mic and says he wants Sabu in a match tonight!

World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. Mikey Whipwreck ref John Finnegan

Douglas says he is there to kick someone’s ass.  Side headlock by Mikey.  Shane takes him over into a pin attempt for 2.  Mikey pushed back against the ropes and Shane nails him and start pounding away.  Mikey ducks a few lines and trips up Shane.  Hammerlock on the mat by Mikey.  Shane out of the hold but he gets drop kicked three times and goes to the floor.  Mikey follows with a slingshot plancha onto Shane.  Some action outside the ring that we can’t see and back in Mikey to the arm.  After a few minutes Shane able to break away and hit a power bomb.  Shane all over Mikey for the next few minutes.  Mikey goes low twice and hits an inverted then regular atomic drop followed by some clotheslines.  Mikey with a slam and he goes up top.  Missile drop kick for 2.7.  Cross body from the top has the fans on their feet and cursing the ref as they thought Mikey had won the title.  Shane reverses an irish whip, Mikey ducks a line but Shane grabs him and suplexes him.  Shane comes off the top but Mikey gets his foot up.  They reverse an irish whip attempt three times and Shane lands the belly to belly to retain in 15.16.  Shane gets the mic after but Mikey clotheslines him over the top rope before he can really say anything.  Some asshole throws a chair into the ring.

“Snowman” Al Snow vs. Sabu (w/ Paul E Dangerously & 911) ref Jim Molineaux

Sabu comes out with a neck brace on.  Not sure why as he didn’t have it earlier unless I missed something.  Snow goes to work on it right away.  Snow with an irish whip and he goes for a side slam but Sabu reverses into a spinning head scissor.  Snow goes to the floor and Sabu flips over the top rope onto him.  Sabu with a slam back in the ring but he misses a slingshot somersault leg drop.  Snow to the apron now and he goes for a slingshot leg drop and also misses.  Snow with a DDT for 2 followed by a piledriver.  Snow rips off the brace and puts it on himself mocking Sabu.  Sabu fights back and hits a leg drop but Snow rakes the eyes and takes back over.  Snow with a slam and he goes up top for a moonsault but Sabu moves.  Snow lands on his feet and hits a wheel barrel suplex and release german.  Snow with a sit out power bomb.  Snow chokes Sabu on the ropes 911 grabs a chair and very calmly goes over and smacks Snow in the head with it and hands it to Sabu.  Arabian face buster but Sabu is to hurt to do anything else.  Snow gets the chair and hits Sabu a few times.  Sabu though fights back and nails Snow with it.  Sabu goes for air sabu but Snow comes out of the corner with a clothesline.  Snow hunts up Sabu on the top rope.  Paul E starts yelling at Snow so he goes to the apron and argues with him.  Sabu sets up a chair and jumps into Snow.  Sabu goes for a sunset flip power bomb from the inside out but Snow holds the ropes and Sabu crashes to the floor. Snow hits a kick ass looking cross body after spring boarding off the top rope.  Back in the ring Snow goes for a DDT onto a chair but Sabu hooks the rope and Snow hits the chair.  Sabu puts Snows opens up the chair and puts Snows head in the opening between the back and seat.  Sabu goes to the apron and slingshot leg drops the back of Snow’s head for the win in 13.52.  That finishing move looked brutal.  Sabu puts himself through a table afterwards.

My thoughts on the show…
The last three matches were pretty decent with last two getting a good amount of time.  This one might be worth seeing.