The Event Center Episode 6: Uncensored 1996


The Event Center #6: WCW Uncensored 1996

Hello everyone and welcome to the next installment of CrazyMax’s Event Center. Tonight we are going back to 1996 and reviewing one of the different pay per views of it’s time. We are heading to Tupelo, MS and to WCW Uncensored 1996. This is the show featuring a Giant vs. Giant, Man vs. Woman, I Quit Wrestling Match, and of course one of the biggest clusters of all time….the Doomsday Cage Match. I know you are all very excited to get this started so lets get to it. Without further ado, I present to you Uncensored 1996.

Show Opening:

The show opens up with your typical pyro and a pretty sweet shot of the Doomsday Cage. We then head up to the broadcasting table where Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, and Dusty Rhodes are ready to call the action. Tony asks Bobby why he is wearing leather and Heenan says he doesn’t want his $225,000 Armani suite ruined. Dusty says the building is filled with danger and Hogan has to survive this night.

Match 1: United States Title Match: Konan (C) vs. Eddie Guerrero

Konan comes out wearing a fuchsia and teal colored jacket and trunks. His mask is pretty damn awesome as well. Looks like the remnants of an older fighter pilots glasses and mask. Konan was pretty awesome when he first got to WCW, shame he turned into your typical gangster and got lazy in the ring. Anywho, the match starts off with a collar and elbow tie up and a clean break in the corner. Eddie gets a go behind on Konan and they get on the mat but Konan reverses it and ends up getting Eddie in an arm bar. They get back up to their feet and Konan takes Eddie right back down by not letting go of the arm bar.

Eddie rolls out of the arm bar and they get back up to their feet. Eddie grabs the head and climbs up to the top rope and whips him down to the mat and they have a stare down. Eddie got super high on the move. The guy was special a shame he felt like he had to get as jacked as he did. Eddie gets Konan down on the mat and he gets him in a toe hold and starts working the ankle. Eddie then rests on the legs of Konan and when Konan tried to sit up Eddie would drop kick him. Eddie then ends up getting Konan in a figure four but Konan gets to the ropes and he breaks the hold. They then get in a few crazy pin combinations and each of them trade 2 counts a couple of times before they face off again.

Eddie gets Konan in a snap mare takeover then a head lock. Eddie then gets Konan in a move where he drives his head into the back of Konan as he pulls on his arms. Konan reverses that by grabbing the leg and getting Eddie in an ankle lock type move. Konan continues to work the ankle of Eddie. Konan then gets Eddie in an terrible looking Boston crab and it just didn’t look right or feel right to Konan so he lets Eddie out of the hold. Eddie then knees Konan to the gut and whips Konan into the ropes. He goes for a hip toss by Konan twists out of it and hits Eddie with an arm drag. Eddie gets up and hits Konan with his own arm drag. Eddie then sweeps the leg and gets a 1 count. Konan gets up and he sweeps the leg as well for a 1 count.

They face off again and this time Konan slaps Eddie in the face. Eddie pushes him and they go head to head and Eddie pushes him again. Both guys then take turns trying to get the crowd on their side. Eddie then nails Konan with a standing drop kick. Eddie then drives Konan to the turnbuckle and he puts him on the top rope and hits him with a hurricanrana off the top rope. Eddie then gets Konan in a camel clutch. Konan crawls over to the rope and sends Eddie flying out to the floor. Both guys again play to the crowd to get them on their side. We get a collar and elbow tie up then Konan gets Eddie in a head lock.

Eddie picks up Konan but Konan holds on and arm drags Eddie. Konan then gets him in a couple more arm drags that finally send Eddie out to the floor. Konan makes it appear that he was going to over the top rope but Eddie moves out of the way and Konan stops before doing anything. We get another collar and elbow tie up and Eddie takes Konan with a side headlock. Konan kicks out of the headlock and gets Eddie’s back as he gets him in an arm bar. Konan then grabs the arms of Eddie and stretches him from behind. Konan grabs the hand but Eddie flips out of it and arm drags Konan to the outside. Eddie climbs up to the top rope and makes it appear he was going to take a dive onto Konan but Konan gets out of the way. The crowd then starts chanting for Konan as he circles the ring.

Konan gets back in the ring and Eddie hits him with a European uppercut and follows that up with a chop. Eddie whips Konan into the turnbuckle but Konan reverses it and he goes in for a monkey flip but Eddie lands on his feet. Eddie then charges Konan as he grabs his arm and slides over his back then hits Konan with an arm drag. Eddie then hits the ropes and he hits Konan with a tilt-a-whirl head scissor that sends Konan out to the floor. Eddie then runs to the top rope and and dives onto Konan with a body press to the outside. Eddie throws Konan back into the ring and he goes for his summersault plunga for a 2 count.

Eddie then gets Konan in a head scissors move right in the middle of the ring. Konan eventually rolls over to his stomach then flips out of the head scissors move and gets Eddie in a submission move of his own. Konan then hits Eddie with a German suplex and he held on to go for another one but Eddie rolled through and got a 2 count. Eddie was going for a move but Konan held on and dropped down and got a 2 count himself. Konan then clotheslines Eddie and gets a 2 count. Konan whips Eddie into the ropes but gets hit with a hurricanrana. Eddie then rolls through and gets a 2 count on Konan. Konan then picks up Eddie and drops him with a razor’s edge sit down power bomb for a 2 count. Konan then goes up to the top rope but Eddie stops him. Eddie gets on the top rope with him but Konan just throws him down to the floor. Konan then comes charging and hits Eddie with the suicide dive through the middle ropes.

Konan gets in the ring and Eddie gets on the apron and Konan goes for a suplex back in but Eddie slips behind. Konan reverses it and hits Eddie with a couple of elbows then a clothesline. Konan goes for the cover and gets a 2 count. Konan goes up top again but Eddie blocks him again. Eddie then gets Konan in a superplex off the top rope. Both men are laid out on the mat. This match has been pretty entertaining so far. Nobody has maintained control for any amount of time and the offense has ben a mix of lucha and power moves. Can’t go wrong there. Eddie goes up to the top rope but Konan gets up and he goes for a body slam off the top rope but Eddie holds on and rolls Konan up for a 2 count. Konan then whips Eddie into the ropes but Eddie reverses it and goes for a leap frog but Konan catches him and Eddie falls down and racks his sack on Konan’s face. Eddie lets out a massive scream as if he got racked. Konan then rolls up the limp Eddie Guerrero for the 1-2-3 and he is the winner of the match and still your WCW United States Champion!!

This was a pretty good opening match. Like I stated neither guy dominated the match and both got to show off their offensive arsenal. It was a back and forth match for the whole 20 minutes which is not something you see very often. Both guys were playing to the crowd and it worked out well. With the ending they had it put the heat on Konan which is probably what they were going for. All in all it was a pretty good match and worth checking out. Now if only the rest of the show could live up to the start….I have a funny feeling that just isn’t the case.

Backstage Interview: Col. Robert Parker & Dick Slater

Gene says just a few weeks ago these two were barely talking. Gene then says that he isn’t so certain that Parker isn’t responsible for the absence of Bunkhouse Buck. Gene says Parker will be facing off against a woman later tonight and Gene wants to know where he starts. Parker says that Gene should be thanking him for fighting on his behalf tonight. He also wants to thank Dick for training him and getting him ready for his match against Madusa. Parker says he is doing it for his family, Elvis, Gene, and for all of the people in Mississippi that love Robert Parker like hogs love slop. Parker says he is going to take Madusa and rub her face in all of the slop. Parker then says he is going to do what all the cowards sitting at home don’t have the guts to do and thats do their fighting tonight against Madusa.

Slater butchers his line and then says that every man should be a fan of Parker now because he is doing their fighting for them. Gene tells Parker to watch his hands but Parker says that he is going to be all over of her and he is going to teach her what a man stands for. He says he is stronger, bigger, taller, and he is the rooster and he is going to prove it tonight against Madusa.

Match 2: Grudge Match: Lord Steven Regal vs. Belfast Bruiser

When Bruiser is on his way to the ring he slaps Jeeves right in the face. Bruiser then gets in the ring and takes off his jacket and nails Regal in the head with the medal plate that is on his jacket. Bruiser then throws Regal into the turnbuckle and he just lays in the stiff chops. Bruiser then throws Regal into the ropes but Regal reverses it and he hip tosses the Bruiser. Regal then goes down the cover and grinds his forearm bone right into the face of the Bruiser for a 2 count. Both men get up and Regal blasts Bruiser with a European uppercut that just sounded brutal. These two are just beating the brakes off of each other and it is awesome. Regal hits the ropes but the Bruiser nails him with a high knee. Bruiser then drops a big elbow right to the bridge of the nose. Bruiser then nails Regal with a vicious short arm clothesline and he goes for the cover but gets a 2.

Bruiser then sets Regal up and kicks him right in the back. Bruiser then picks up Regal and he gets hit with a forearm. Regal then nails the Bruiser with a big time European uppercut again. Regal then gets Bruiser in a headlock and grinds all his weight into the neck area. Regal then gets Bruiser in a stretch type move as he lays in some right hands to the Bruiser. Bruiser then nails Regal with a knee right to the forehead. Finlay drops a knee on Regals head then he picks him up and throws him outside the ring. Bruiser picks up Regal and just drops him across the guard rail. Bruiser then grabs the arm of Regal and pulls him right into the turnbuckle post on the outside. Bruiser then grabs Regals arm and drapes it across the top rope. Bruiser then gets Regal in an arm bar. While in the arm bar he slaps Regal in the face and yells at him to come on.

Regal gets out of it and kicks Bruiser right in the face. Regal hits him with another European uppercut. Regal then whips Bruiser into the turnbuckle and Bruiser goes up but Regal stops and then nails Bruiser with a big drop kick. He goes for a pin and gets a 2 count. Regal goes for an arm bar but Bruiser nails him with another forearm to the face. These guys are doing nothing but laying in the punches on each other for a good 10-15 minutes. This is brutal. Bruiser is trying to get pins but Regal gets tired of it and starts driving his open hand right to the nose of the Belfast Bruiser. Regal gets on top of the Bruiser as if he is going to pin him but just lays in open hand punches to the nose. Regal crawls off but stops with his foot laying on the throat of the Bruiser as he chokes him. Bruiser drops Regal then hits him with a knee to the head again. Bruiser hits a body slam then a senton splash for a 2 count. Bruiser then gets Regal in a headlock.

Bruiser gets Regal with an arm bar but Regal nails him with a forearm. Bruiser falls into the turnbuckle and Regal comes in after him but Bruiser nails him with a big boot then another vicious clothesline. He goes for a pin and gets a 2 count. Bruiser drags Regal over to the apron as he picks him up and just dumps him chest first on the apron. He then hits him with a chop then throws Regal headfirst into the guard rail. Bruiser comes in and gets nailed with a kick to the stomach then a forearm to the back. Bruiser goes for a suplex to bring Regal inside but Regal reverses it and suplexes the Bruiser to the outside. Regal then jumps off the apron and drops an elbow on the bruiser on the outside.

Regal gets the Bruiser back in the ring and he gets with a snap mare then Regal drops an elbow on the Bruiser. Regal gets Bruiser in a head lock but Bruiser gets out of it and gets him in his own arm bar. Bruiser then chops Regal in the chest then pulls him up by the arm and kicks him right in the back. The crowd finally cheers both guys on after about 10 minutes of killing each other. Regal is in the turnbuckle so the Bruiser comes in but Regal reverse it and sets up the Bruiser in the corner. He grabs the leg of the Bruiser then calls for the ref to come to the other side. As this happens, Regal lines up and nails the Bruiser with a stiff kick right to the nuts of the Bruiser.

Regal then drops an elbow on the Bruiser and gets a 2 count. Regal hits Bruiser with a European uppercut and but the Bruiser pokes Regal in the eye. Bruiser whips Regal into the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Regal ends up sunset flipping the Bruiser. The Bruiser doesn’t go over and he grabs Regal by the hair and gets him back up to all fours then he drives his knee to the back of the head of Regal and drives him to the mat. Bruiser goes for an elbow drop but Regal gets out of the way and ends up getting the Bruiser in an arm bar. Regal then grabs the Bruiser by the nose and just lays in forearms on to the face.

Regal goes for an irish whip but the Bruiser reverses it and he hits Regal with a back body drop as he comes out of the corner. Bruiser then lays in two clubbing shots to the back. Bruiser then grabs Regal by the legs and drops him to the mat but he does nothing with it. Regal clubs Bruiser in the head then to the back. Regal goes outside and drops Bruiser chest first on the apron. Regal starts talking crap and Bruiser just nails him with a big time left hand. Bruiser drags Regal and takes him outside. He drives Regal back first into the apron. Bruiser than lays in a vicious chop to the chest of Regal. Bruiser then grabs Regal and smokes him with a short right hand right to the face. Regal starts to bleed immediately and this actually ended up breaking a few bones in Regal’s face. The sound it made when the Bruiser connected is disturbing and just sounds terrible. It’s amazing to me that Regal went another 2-3 minutes in this state.

The Bruiser comes off the apron and hits Regal in the back of the head. Regal gets back in the ring and Finlay drops a boot to the chest. Bruiser drives Regal head first into the turnbuckle. Regal falls to the mat and the Bruiser comes in. Regal lifts up his feet and sends Bruiser flying through the middle rope. Regal comes out after him and he runs and throws the Bruiser right into the Doomsday Cage. Regal then drags the Bruiser over to the apron as Eaton and Taylor come out and attack the Bruiser to end the match via DQ and your winner the Belfast Bruiser. Eaton and Taylor hold up the Bruiser as Regal lays in a vicious right hand to the Bruiser. Regal are walking to the backstage area as the Bruiser gets up and chases them out.

Theres one word to describe this match and its brutal. Not in a bad way but in a sense of how these guys treated each other. It felt like a real life grudge match and both men were willing to do whatever it takes to beat the hell out of their opponent. The shots were super stiff and when they did a wrestling move it was done in a way to really hurt the opponent instead of just putting in a rest hold. For example, they would grind their forearm into each others face if they had them in a head lock. Things like that that make this match stand out. Also, how can one forget the right hand that broke Regals face. The thud it made when he connected was just brutal and I wish there was a way to add it to the review without overdoing it. Definitely check out this match whenever you get the chance. It’s very entertaining and a treat to watch. So far 2 for 2 on good quality matches. I have a feeling our luck is about to run out sooner rather than later.

Backstage Interview: The Giant & Jimmy Hart

Gene says that Jimmy Hart publicly humiliated Lochness a week ago. Jimmy Hart says tonight is the night that Jimmy Hart proves to the world why he is the greatest wrestling manager in the world today. Jimmy says that nobody, Sting, Hogan, Savage, or Lochness, can put their hands on him and get away with it. Gene then announces that the winner of the match with Lochness will be challenging Ric Flair on Nitro for the WCW World Heavyweight Title. Giant starts his promo by saying “I can start with rhymes or I can start with riddles, Lochness when I get you in the ring I am going to smoke you like bacon on the griddle.” Why in the world are they having a 7’5” monster spewing garbage nursery rhymes as his promo? I never understood this but to each their own. Then he says Flair better think about what is going to happen with him. Giant says he is going to tear Flair limb from Limb and that the WCW title is going to be around his waste again and thats all that needs to be said.

WCW Hotline Promo

Tonight on the WCW Hotline, for those of you watching the PPV, we have a ton of things to talk about. Gene says there have been some coming and goings that are astronomical. He says the rumors now is that a big time wrestler may be hanging up the tights or boots to go to Hollywood. Gene has all of the news on the hotline at 1-900-909-9900. Everybody has that number memorized thats a wrestling fan.

Backstage Interview: Lochness

Gene reiterates that the winner of the match will be challenging Ric Flair for the WCW World Heavyweight Title on Nitro. Lochness says that the weasel face Hart brought him all the way over. Lochness says Hart promised him a shot at Hogan in the Doomsday Cage. However, since Hart is the power of attorney, he pulled him out of the match. Lochness then says that tonight he is going to take it out on the Giant. When he drops 700 pounds across the Giant he won’t get up. And this is a guarantee. Gene wants to know what will happen to Jimmy Hart if he gets his hands on him. Lochness says he can’t guarantee anything because it won’t be allowed on TV what he does to him. Gene says he needs to introduce Lochness to his neighbor down in Florida, he’s a dentist. Lochness just looks at Gene like he’s going to kill him as Gene sends it back out to the ring.

Match 3: Man vs. Woman: Col. Robert Parker vs. Madusa

The match starts with a collar and elbow tie up and Parker pushes her back into the turnbuckle. Parker broke the hold clean and backed off of Madusa. They do the same thing again and this time Madusa pushes Parker off of her as they get out of the turnbuckle. Madusa returns the favor and drives Parker into the turnbuckle. They hold onto each other and Madusa ends up arm dragging Rob Parker. Parker complains to the ref that Madusa grabbed the pants to get him over. They lock hands and Parker grabs Madusa and puts her up on his shoulders and he gets her in an airplane spin. Madusa gets out of it and rolls Parker up for a 2 count.

Madusa then picks Parker up and body slams him in the middle of the ring. Parker rolls out to the floor as Madusa celebrates inside the ring. Parker is about to leave the fight but Slater fans him down and gets him back up towards the ring. Parker gets in the ring angry and he picks Madusa up in a choke hold and throws her down to the mat. Parker goes in for an elbow drop but Madusa rolls out of the way. Madusa goes up to the middle rope and hits Parker with a drop kick. She goes off the middle ropes again and hits him with another drop kick off. Parker rolls to the outside and Madusa goes up to the top rope and does a cross body to Parker. He catches her and lays her down slowly so she doesn’t get hurt. Madusa then gets up and kicks Parker in the back a few times before Parker gets back in the ring.

Madusa goes for an irish whip of Parker but Parker reverses it and he goes for a clothesline but Madusa goes under and gets Parker in a German suplex. She has the bridge on but Slater grabs her leg and ruins her bridge. Parker then rolls over and it appears that his junk is right in her face as he gets the 1-2-3 count and the victory in the man vs. woman match.

This was nothing more than a comedy match and it served no purpose. It was quick and short so it didn’t go on to long. Madusa did some pretty sweet moves in the short time of the match. Dusty and Heenan on commentary are hilarious throughout the match and make this easy to watch. Other than that not much to see here. I would go ahead and skip ahead on this one. A dud.

Backstage Interview: Road Warriors

Lee Marshall says that everyone wants a shot at the Road Warriors and he’s sure the Road Warriors want a shot at everyone as well. Animal says it does not matter who they go up against. They want to kick everyones butts. Animal says that Sting and Booker T are going to soon find out why they are called the bullies of Chicago. Animal also states that they didn’t become the kings of the Chicago street fight by fighting nobodies. The Road Warriors likes to beat up the best. Hawk starts talking about the brain stem and how it controls everything. Hawk says that the brain stem controls everything and that they are going to take Booker’s and Sting’s out. Hawk says “you will have to depend on Depends for the rest of your life.” Classic Hawk. Just complete randomness and making no sense but it is so awesome. Hawk says they are the team that says what they are going to do and then go out and get the job done. Hawk says that these two will never be able to beat them at what they are best at, the Chicago Street Fight. He says it is all out blitz and everything goes and nobody cares especially them.

Slamboree 1996: Lethal Lottery Commercial

The commercial starts out in black and white and shows a bunch of people walking towards something. The voice over guy says in our world there is always resistance and there is always two sides and the only way to settle the differences is the Lethal Lottery. They show more random people inside of the black and white WCW power plant. “Names are drawn, teams are formed, allies are made as they fight their way to Battle Bowl, where its every man for himself.”

Match 4: I Quit Wrestling: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Booty Man

DDP comes out shaggy and unshaven and cheap ass pants. This is so great. He was on cloud nine with all of his money and then he loses and it now the character portrays that. It’s little things like this that make storylines go the extra mile and I enjoy seeing it. The match starts with DDP jumping out of the ring and stalling. He cusses out some fans and taunts them while Booty Man is waiting in the ring. DDP gets back on the apron then jumps back down and taunts another fan sitting ringside. DDP finally gets in the ring and he climbs up to the middle rope and taunts the crowd again. Booty Man gets on the middle rope and the crowd goes nuts for him. DDP gets on the middle rope again and the fans boo. Booty Man does it again and the crowd pops for him.

They finally start the action with a collar and elbow tie up. DDP gets him in an arm bar then delivers a few shoulder blocks to the shoulder. Booty Man reverses it and gets him in an arm bar of his own and sends DDP to the mat. DDP gets in the ropes to break the hold. They get in another collar and elbow tie up then Booty Man puts DDP in a head lock. DDP shoots the Booty Man off the ropes and then Booty Man nails DDP with a big time shoulder block that sends DDP to the floor on the outside. We get in another collar and elbow tie up as DDP drives Booty Man back to the turnbuckle. DDP acts like he going for a clean break but he goes for a right hand instead but Booty Man ducks and nails DDP with his own right hand.

Booty Man gets DDP in an arm bar then drops an elbow to the shoulder of DDP. DDP pushes Booty Man into the ropes and hits him with a knee to the midsection. DDP then whips Booty Man into the ropes and goes for a right hand but Booty Man holds on to the top rope. DDP charges at Booty Man but Booty Man gets out of the way and DDP crashes into the turnbuckle then Booty Man hits him with a right hand as he falls to the outside. DDP gets on the apron and yells at the ref but Nick Patrick shoves him and DDP falls off the apron and does a flip over. DDP then walks off like he’s leaving but Booty Man comes out after him and he nails him with a couple of right hands. Booty Man picks up DDP and slams him face first into the apron.

They both get back in the ring as DDP begs off the Booty Man down in the corner. Booty Man goes after DDP but DDP grabs Booty Man by the trunks and pulls him into the middle turnbuckle. DDP goes for a head butt into the turnbuckle but Booty Man reverses it and he drives DDP’s face into the turnbuckle 10 times. DDP then falls out to the floor through the middle rope. DDP then runs himself into the turnbuckle post then flips over the guard rail. Meanwhile, the Booty Babe comes out looking as gorgeous as ever.

DDP then gets Booty Man into a headlock. Booty Man tries to get out of the hold twice but DDP blocks it and gets him back into the head lock both times. They then do a criss cross, Booty Man goes down first then he does a leap frog but DDP holds on to the top rope. DDP then does a taunt to the crowd as he turns around Booty Man nails him with a right hand and DDP gets hung up in the middle and top rope. Booty Man then lays in some punches and kicks while DDP is just laying there. Booty Man whips DDP into the ropes but DDP reverses it and DDP goes for an arm drag but Booty Man totally messes it up so he just lays on DDP and gets a 2 count. They re-do the spot and this time DDP lays down as the Booty Man goes for a flying cross body but misses. DDP lays in a few kicks then starts choking the Booty Man. DDP goes for a pin and gets a 2 count. DDP then whips Booty Man into the turnbuckle chest first then he hits him with a belly to back suplex. DDP then gets the Booty Man in a chin lock. Booty Man finally gets up to his feet as he hits DDP three times in the midsection. Booty Man then comes off the ropes but DDP hits him with a knee to the midsection.

DDP goes for a pin and gets a 2 count. DDP then puts the Booty Man in another chin lock. Rest holds anyone? While in the chin lock, DDP puts his feet on the middle ropes to get a little more leverage. Booty Man finally gets out of the chin lock with some more elbows to the midsection. The camera gets on Kimberly and she says that she doesn’t want the Booty Man to get hurt and that she wants him to be her boyfriend. Booty Man hits the ropes but DDP catches him in a body slam type move then drops the Booty Man across the top rope.

DDP calls for the Booty Babe to get up on the apron and give him a ten. DDP then grabs the Booty Babe and kisses her on the lips. The Booty Babe slaps DDP in the face. DDP turns around and the Booty Man comes off the rope and hits DDP with a flying knee to the face. Booty Man goes for the cover and gets the 1-2-3 count.

After the match is over the Booty Man goes outside to the floor and lays in a big kiss to the Booty Babe. The Booty Babe loves it and her reaction looks like she has just gone an hour and really enjoyed herself. They walk off together as we head to the back for an interview.

This match was the shits. Not sure what to expect from DDP and Brutus Beefcake at this point but it wasn’t very good. A lot of stalling and rest holds that just dragged and dragged. Thankfully I was able to fast forward a little bit here and there to speed up this snooze fest. One thing that sticks out to me about this match is the lack of urgency on behalf of DDP here. If he loses his career is over but he treated this match as if he had 10 years left on his deal. He kept posing for the crowd and wasting time in between moves and he never really got it going. If my career was on the line I would be doing everything in my power to keep the job but that just didn’t happen. Also, how can someone lose their career on a show that is unsanctioned by the company? Hmmm things to ponder at night.

Backstage Interview: Lex Luger & Jimmy Hart

Jimmy Hart says it is a sad an emotional night for Lex Luger. He says this is the last night that he will walk to the ring with Luger. Jimmy Hart then hands Lex Luger a custom jacket that Luger can put in his trophy cabinet as he walks out of the interview. Luger says he is stuck in between a rock and hard place. Luger says he has to go through the most difficult moment of his wrestling career. Luger says this Doomsday Cage is the most dangerous match he has ever seen personally. Luger then states deep down he has a wrench in his gut because he has to watch his tag team partner Sting go against the Road Warriors in a street fight. Luger says this is very emotional for him. Luger says it breaks his heart that he can’t be in the ring with his best friend and partner Sting. Luger says whether he wants to be in it or not he will be there for the cage match.

Match 5: Giant vs. Giant: The Giant vs. Lochness

When both men get in the ring they have an epic stare down. Lochness appears short but when he is standing next to the Giant he is actually pretty damn tall. This guy is huge and his baggy clothing is hiding a lot. Also, the winner of this match gets to fight Ric Flair on Nitro for the WCW World Heavyweight Title. The match starts with a collar and elbow tie up. Giant hits Lochness with a knee to the gut then he drives him into the turnbuckle. Giant nails Lochness with 4-5 chops to the midsection. Giant then chokes Lochness out with his big boot. Lochness gets out of the corner with head butts to the face. Lochness then punches and chops the Giant into the other turnbuckle.

The Giant regains control by elbowing Lochness to the gut then slams him head first twice into the turnbuckle. Giant lays in some kicks then he goes to the other corner and goes for a Stinger splash type move. Lochness moves out of the way and the Giant goes flying over the top rope and lands on the floor. The athleticism and agility that the Giant was working with when he first came in is really impressive and is something that people forget that he had. Name another 7+ footer who can do a missile drop kick off the top rope? Go ahead I’m waiting.

Giant gets up rather quickly and gets back into the ring favoring his arm. Lochness then chops the Giant and he falls down to the mat. Lochness goes for a big elbow and he nails it. Lochness says he is going for one more but the Giant moves out of the way. Giant gets up to his feet and nails the Lochness with a big time clothesline then a huge side kick to the face. Giant then goes for a Hogan leg drop and nails Lochness and gets the 3 count. The Giant will go on to fight Ric Flair for the WCW Title on tomorrow night’s Nitro. Giant then goes to the camera and says that the leg drop was for Hogan. He then says that he is coming for Flair and he is getting his title back.

There wasn’t much to this match at all. Lochness was terrible and he couldn’t work so they had this go as quickly as possible. The turnbuckle spot was incredible to see and amazing to think that somebody the size of the Giant could do something like that. The side kick to Lochness was brutal and the leg drop looked like total garbage but it is what it is. I would go ahead and skip this match since I provided you with the gif of the turnbuckle spot. You can thank me later.

Backstage Interview: Sting and Booker T

Marshall asks Sting about having Booker T as his partner but Booker interrupts and starts talking first. Booker said they have already talked about their friendship and all of that is put to the side. Booker says he has something to prove against the Road Warriors. Booker says when they come down 110 street it is going to be a Harlem Street Fight and its on like chicken bones. Sting tries to pump up Booker T and then Booker says don’t make me knock you out right now. Sting says the Warriors have thrown friendship out of the window. Sting says they are going to come at them like they’ll never believe. Booker says we have a 5 time world Champ and Booker is a 4 time tag team champ. Scorpion death lock and Harlem hangover it aint nothing but a thang like a chicken wing on a string? What the hell is Booker T even talking about. What a weird and crazy promo this was. Booker says they will know whats happening when it’s all over. After this match it will be Sting and Luger vs. Harlem Heat for the tag titles.

Match 6: Chicago Street Fight: Road Warriors vs. Sting/Booker T

Just a preface before this match even starts. They do double camera shots and theres a ton of crap going on at once. I won’t get play by play in but I will do my best to describe the action that I am seeing. Sting and Booker are walking to the ring as they get attacked from behind by the Warriors. Sting is working over Animal in the ring while Booker and Hawk are fighting each other on the outside. Animal goes up for 10 punches in the corner while Booker throws Hawk into the ring post.

Hawk back body drops Booker on the outside. Animal charges in on Sting in the corner but Sting moves out of the way and Animal misses. Hawk goes after Sting on the outside as Booker nails a beautiful scissor kick to the back of the head of Animal. Animal nails Booker with a power slam then an elbow drop on the inside of the ring. Animal goes for the pin and gets a 2 count. Animal has Sting laying down in the corner and he pulls the legs and rams Sting nuts first into the ring post. Hawk picks up Booker on the outside and drops him on the top of the guard rail. Sting on the other side is returning the favor to Animal by pulling him nut first into the ring post.

Booker rams Hawk head first into the guard rail while Sting body slams Animal inside the ring. Booker then pile drives Hawk on the outside but Hawk no sells it and gets right up and nails Booker with a clothesline. Booker nails Hawk with a nice side kick right to the head to regain the advantage on Hawk. Inside the ring Animal gets a close 2 count on Sting. Sting runs and slams Animal head first into the mat. Hawk is choking out Sting on the mat while Animal throws Booker to the outside of the ring. Animal gets iris whipped into the guard rail. Booker goes for the cover on the outside but gets a 2 count on Animal. Booker goes up to the top rope and goes for an ax handle but Animal hits him with a punch to the midsection. Animal then hits Booker with a drop kick and gets a 2 count out of it. Hawk is on the outside choking the life out of Sting.

Booker sends Hawk back into the ring and he gets him in an arm bar. Sting heads toward the back and grabs a chair. Animal goes after him but gets nailed 2 times with a chair as Sting heads toward the ring. Sting then grabs the chair again and hits Hawk with it twice. Second one was right on the head. Animal gets in the ring and grabs the chair and he nails Booker and Sting with the same chair. The last shot on Booker was right to the head. Animal goes for the cover on Booker but Sting breaks it up at 2. Booker nails Animal with a great side kick inside the ring. Sting then dumps Hawk with a pile driver but Hawk gets up right away again and kicks Sting in the head. Hawk then power bombs Sting in the middle of the ring then drops a boot to the nuts of Sting.

Hawk has Sting in a headlock inside the ring as Booker chokes Animal out with a cable on the outside. Hawk throws Sting outside then he throws him over the guardrail as they fight amongst the fans. Hawk tries to grab a chair but a lot of the chairs are connected together so he couldn’t do anything with them. Hawk then picks up the chair and rams into the gut of Booker T then hits him in the back with it. Hawk goes for a pile driver on Sting on the outside but Sting reverses it into a back body drop. Sting is on the top rope and drops a fist to the back of Hawk as Animal throws Booker T into the cage. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but Hawk gets out of the way and then he nails Sting with a clothesline. Animal is on the top rope but Booker charges and pushes him off and Animal racks himself on the top rope.

Booker then climbs up to the top rope himself and nails Hawk with a knee to the face. This match is just a cluster and theres no rhyme or reason to it. Pretty fun if you ask me. Sting then runs into Animal and Animal falls down then Sting falls face first and nails Animal right in the nuts. What a classic spot that was. Animal hits Sting with a low blow on Sting as Hawk is laying in the rights on Booker T. Booker hits a side slam on Hawk while Animal chokes Sting in the corner. Hawk whips Booker into the corner and Booker blocks it and Hawk runs right into the back of Booker. Sting goes up to the top rope and goes for a splash on Animal but Animal gets out of the way. Hawk then climbs up to the top rope and goes for a flying clothesline but Booker ends up hitting him with a drop kick to block the move.

Animal chokes Booker in the corner while Hawk gets Sting in a leg lock type move. Booker ends up hitting a low blow on Animal and this causes Animal to roll outside of the ring to get a break. Booker goes over the top looking for a plunga but Animal moves out of the way and Booker misses. Sting nails Hawk with a big clothesline inside of the ring. Booker and Sting hit a double clothesline on Animal. Sting racks Hawk over the top rope then goes to the outside and pulls the leg to get more damage done on the nut sack of Hawk. Animal hits Booker with a suplex inside the ring. Hawk drags Sting out of the ring and nails him with a chop. Booker goes for a side kick inside the ring but Animal moves out of the way and Booker gets racked on the top rope.

Hawk goes to the top rope and nails Booker with a clothesline inside the ring. Animal and Sting are brawling up the aisle way. Animal gets whipped into the guard rail but it doesn’t really connect because Animal is just blown up at this point. Booker gets a camel clutch on Hawk inside the ring. Sting pulls Animal out of the ring so he doesn’t break up the hold for Hawk. Sting gets a sit down chin lock on Animal so he can catch a breather. Hawk goes for the cover and nearly gets a 3 count. Hawk then clotheslines Booker to the outside of the ring. Sting body slams Animal inside the ring then drops an elbow on Animal. Sting heads up to the top rope and goes for a dive but Animal catches him and nails him with a power slam. Meanwhile, Hawk hits Booker with a drop kick on the outside of the ring. Animal goes for the pin on Sting and gets a 2 count.

Animal whips Sting into the ropes and he misses two clothesline. Finally, Sting and Animal clothesline each other and they are both laid out in the ring. Booker goes for an elbow drop on Hawk inside the ring and he misses. However, Booker gets back up and he nails Hawk with an awesome looking spinning side kick. Animal then picks up a chair on the outside and nails Sting in the back with it again. Animal has Sting standing up against the ring post and he goes for a clothesline but Sting moves out of the way. Sting grabs the chair and hits Animal with it a few times. Hawk then steals the chair from Sting and he nails Sting with it. Animal holds up Booker as Hawk nails him with a vicious chop to the chest.

Sting heads to the back looking for more weapons.Hawk hits Booker with a power slam inside the ring and goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Sting comes back and he nails Animal with a couple of brooms. Sting nails Hawk with the brooms twice until Animal comes in the ring and steals the brooms from Sting. Animal nails Booker with the broom to break up a pin then he nails Sting with it on the back. Hawk drives the broom into the gut of Booker while Animal breaks one broom stick in half. Animal takes his piece of the broom and starts choking out Sting with it. Booker steals the broken broom stick from the ref and starts choking Animal with it.

Booker T heads to the back and acts like he is giving up on the match. Animal is following him to the back as well. Inside the ring Hawk is dropping fists to Sting. Animal heads to the back and bumps right into Luger. Animal slams Booker into a table. Luger is fixing his hair and it pisses him off. Therefore, Luger attacks Animal from behind. Stevie Ray also shows up and they throw Animal into a pole in the back. Jimmy Hart shows up and he handcuffs Animal to the post. Luger stomps away at Animal and he is knocked out. Luger is pissed that he messed up his hair.

Sting is on the outside and just laying it into Hawk. Hawk lays up against the guard rail and Sting goes for the Stinger splash but Hawk gets out of the way. Booker comes back to the ring and he throws Hawk into the steel steps. Booker rolls him back into he ring and hits him with a side suplex. Booker goes to the top rope and he goes for the Harlem Hangover but Hawk moves out of the way. Hawk sits up in the middle of the rope and Stevie Ray comes out and nails Hawk with a steel chair. Booker goes for the pin and gets the 1-2-3 count. After the match is over they show Stevie Ray in the back nailing Animal with a chair shot. Stevie Ray says he wants their belts back sucka!.

I don’t even know where to start with this match. I don’t know who’s idea it was to give these four 25+ minutes in a street fight but it wasn’t the smartest idea here. They just beat the hell out of each other the entire time and there was no rhyme or reason to the match. It didn’t make much sense and it was just your typical hardcore type match. Also, where the hell does Hawk get off no selling every pile driver he is in? It totally ruins the move and makes it appear useless when he does that 2-3 times in one match. One of those times was on the outside no less. All in all this match isn’t horrible but it isn’t very good either. If you have 25 minutes and you want to see four dudes beat the hell out of each other then this is the match for you. However, I have seen better and I wouldn’t recommend this match really. By the way, the shitty picture in picture type camera style was garbage. It really takes away from the action and it makes things hard to follow. Speaking of that, how stupid is WCW for booking a big time match around this shit picture in picture type display? I’m looking at you World War 3.

Match 7: Doomsday Cage Match: Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage vs. Four Horsemen/Dungeon of Doom/Z-Gangsta/Ultimate Solution

We start off with Michael Buffer hyping up the Doomsday Cage match. We follow that up with some pyro before the Dungeon of Doom and the Horsemen assume their positions in the cage. Also, same as the last match. Will do my best to call the action of this cluster of a match. Flair and Arn are in the top cage while the Faces are Fear are on one side of the middle portion with Sullivan and Luger on the other side in the middle tier. No site of the Ultimate Solution or Z-Gangsta at the start. Here come the Mega Powers to make 8 guys look like total garbage. Lets get this thing going.

Savage goes right after Flair as Hogan and Arn are a little more timid. Arn goes for a kick and Hogan grabs him and Hogan throws him right into the cage. Flair throws Savage into the pole in the middle of the cage. Savage then tries to rake the face of Flair into the cage. Flair immediately rips the shirt off Savage and lays in the chops already. Savage then throws Flair into the cage a few times. Hogan grabs Flair from behind as Savage lays in the right hands. Hogan has Arn by the throat but Arn rakes the eyes then lays in the boots to Hogan. Hogan is now working on Flair as Savage holds Arn. Arn throws Savage into the cage as Hogan is choking out Flair. Flair rakes Hogans eyes then lays in a right hand.

Flair lays the chops into Hogan but Hogan hulks up and rips off his shirt and starts laying in the rights to Flair. Flair goes for a punch but Hogan dunks and punches Flair. Flair falls to the cage and Hogan starts choking him with his boot. All four men are being very careful and not doing much to make this cage fall apart. Flair starts laying in the right hands to Savage while Arn pulls Hogan into the pole in the middle of the cage. Flair has Savage in a head lock while Arn puts Hogan in a figure four. Flair then puts a figure four on Savage. Both men have Hogan and Savage in a figure four. Savage and Hogan then try to reverse the figure four on both men at the same time. Pretty sweet sequence of moves.

Flair drops a fork or a shank to the middle section to get it down to Sullivan. Savage then busts out the powder and throws it in the face of Arn and Flair. They open up the trap door and they go down to the next tier. Now we have Hogan and Savage in the middle going against Luger, Sullivan, and the Faces of Fear. Hogan has a chain and nails Sullivan and Luger with it. Hogan then takes the chain and chokes Sullivan with it. Luger picks up the chain and decks Hogan with it. I love that Luger is yelling every time he throws a punch or a kick. Savage is in the other portion of the middle section taking out both members of the Faces of Fear.

Hogan throws Luger’s face into the cage then he comes over and helps out Savage with the Faces of Fear. Hogan then takes his chain and locks the door behind him to block out the Faces of Fear from helping out Sullivan and Luger. Hogan and Savage are now going after Luger and Sullivan. Hogan takes Luger and rams him into the cage 4-5 times in rapid succession. Hogan and Sullivan end up outside the cage and Sullivan is holding on to a poll while Hogan tries to push him off. I never understood this spot because the good guy is nearly on the verge of killing his opponent. It didn’t make much sense at all.

Sullivan and Hogan walk down the stars and Sullivan tries to dump Hogan over the railing. Savage is in the cage working over Luger while Hogan and Sullivan fight on scaffolding. They continue to walk down the stairs and get to the bottom floor. Luger and Savage then make their way down to the bottom floor. All four men then head towards ringside beating each other up. Meanwhile, Flair, Arn, and the Faces of Fear are still trying to get out of the middle cage portion of the Doomsday Cage. Sullivan is raking the back of Hogan as they head toward the ring. Hogan then steals the microphone and starts nailing Sullivan with it numerous times. Hogan whips Sullivan into the ropes and he nails Sullivan with a big boot.

Flair and the rest of them have figured out a way to break free and they start heading down to the floor to help out Luger and Sullivan. Luger takes Savage and throws him into a pole. Meanwhile, Hogan throws Sullivan head first into the Doomsday Cage from the outside. Hogan then comes over and nails Luger with a clothesline. Luger screams as loud as he can and then falls over. What kind of selling is Luger doing here? Hogan picks up a bucket of some sort and nails Luger with it. Sullivan is laying in the chops to Savage and then he throws him head first into the steel cage.

Hogan takes Luger and throws him into the guardrail. Luger is begging off as Hogan stalks him. Sullivan takes the board from the scaffolding and takes a piece down to the ring. He then drops it and leaves it behind so Savage picks it up and nails Sullivan from behind with it. Hogan is in the ring laying in the right hands to Luger on the ground while Savage and Sullivan are trading right hands. Sullivan throws Savage into he steel steps then he gets in the ring and low blows Hogan. Hogan drags Luger outside the ring and throws him into the guardrail. Hogan then picks up a chair and nails Luger with it a couple of times.

Hogan then goes after Sullivan while Savage picks up the chair and tries to hit Luger with it. Luger gets the boot up and then he picks up the chair and nails Savage and Hogan with it. Sullivan then rakes the eyes of Savage. All four men are on the outside of the ring. Sullivan picks up Savage and drapes him across the guard rail then clotheslines him off of it. Luger tries to smash Hogans face into the apron but Hogan reverses and it rams Lugers into it. Hogan whips Luger while Savage whips Sullivan into each other. Both men are on the ground pounding Luger and Sullivan with right hands. At this point the Ultimate Solution and Z-Gangsta come down to the ring. Solution goes for Hogan while Gangsta goes after Savage. Gangsta is choking and grabbing Savage back to the cage while Solution takes Hogan back to the cage.

Hogan, Savage, Z-Gangsta, and Ultimate Solution are all in the bottom tier of the cage. They have a stare down as Hogan goes after the Solution as Savage goes after Z-Gangsta. Gangsta grabs Savage by the throat and just chokes him. Solution throws Hogan down to the ring like he’s a piece of dirt. Z-Gangsta has beat himself up more than he has Savage or Hogan combined. Savage goes to the top rope and hits Gangsta with a double ax handle. Hogan has Solution in the corner and is laying in the right hands. Hogan is laying in the ax handles to both Solution and Gangsta. Savage hits the ropes but Gangsta grabs him and gets him in a bear hug. Hogan rams the Solutions head right into the steal cage. Hogan comes to the save of Savage.

Hogan goes for a right hand but Gangsta blocks it and he gets Hogan in a choke hold. It drives Hogan down to the mat. Solution then picks up Savage and power slams him to the mat. Hogan rakes the eyes of Gangsta to get out of the choke hold. Savage goes up to the top rope again and he jumps off but the Solution catches him and gets him in a bear hug. Arn and Ric Flair get back in the ring to help out Gangsta and the Ultimate Solution. Flair is choking out Hogan while Gangsta holds up Savage for Arn to punch. Arn and Gangsta take Savage and throw him head first into the cage. Solution slams Hulk as Jimmy Hart jumps up and down laughing hysterically as if they just won. Flair then throws Savage into the cage one more time.

Gangsta clubs the back of Hogan multiple times while Flair lays into Savage. Savage has more powder and they are getting more powder. Meantime, the Booty Man comes out and hands Hogan and Savage frying pans. They throw powder into the faces of the Solution and Gangsta then they just start laying in the frying pan shots to all of them. Luger comes back and gets in the ring. Luger comes in and goes right for Hogan then drops an ax handle to the back of Savage. Luger pulls out a loaded black glove. Flair holds up Savage. Luger goes in for the punch but Savage moves out of the way. Luger hesitates but still ends up decking Flair anyways.

Hogan then nails Luger with a right hand and he can be heard saying lets get out of here. Hogan leaves the ring and Savage follows him on his way out. Both guys forget to go for the cover but Savage realizes this and ends up diving back into the ring and getting the pin on Ric Flair for the victory. Hogan and Savage win again. Both men get out of the cage and they get the hell out of there.

Again, where do you even start with a cluster like this. The action was predictable and there was just way to much going on. You really have 2 guys going against 8 of your top heels and you let them come out and win clean? The booking made zero sense but I guess if you are trying to push a PPV that can have anything happen then I guess this is the type of match you would want. The ending was decent but I found it hilarious that both Savage and Hogan forgot to do the pin at the end. Good thing Savage was on his toes and actually remembered or they would have just walked out and not have pinned anyone. This match was garbage and is the epitome of WCW where they had grand ideas but they could never deliver. If you want to enjoy crap then go ahead and give this match a watch.

Show Closing:

We head up to the commentary section where Dusty, Tony, and Bobby recap the show as well as talk about tomorrow night’s Nitro. Tony says they hope to have Luger’s reasons tomorrow night on Nitro. They also say that the Giant will fight Ric Flair for the WCW Heavyweight title on Nitro. Dusty says this PPV will go down in history as something no one has ever seen before. Heenan then says “yes, yes, yes, yes Hogan has done it again. He has walked away from the ring one more time.” Heenan says it has to stop and it will start tomorrow night on Nitro. Heenan then takes off his head set and heads out as Tony wraps up the show. Goodnight everyone!

Final Thoughts:
The show started off really good with the Eddie Guerrero vs. Konan match. They followed that up with a brutal slug fest between the Belfast Bruiser and Lord Steven Regal. After that it was all down hill from there. Booty Man vs. DDP was trash, the street fight was just a cluster and hard to follow with the double camera action, and theres absolutely nothing to say about the Madusa vs. Robert Parker match. The main event was a bigger cluster than the street fight and it sucked. It was nothing but boots and punches and really no thought process given to the match at all. Why would the good guy try to kick a guy off a 20 foot scaffold? I get the whole fight fire with fire thing but that spot has always bothered me and I’m not sure why Hogan even tried to do it. The fact that Hogan and Savage nearly forgot to do the pin summarizes this whole PPV in a nutshell. I would watch the first two matches on this show and skip the rest. That way you are not disappointed with what you see.

Going forward, I’m not sure what the next Event Center show will be but look out for more Coliseum Classics as well as our new series Television Rewind. I have a few more of those on deck so get ready for that. Thanks everyone for reading and I will be back soon with some more great action right here on the Event Center.