Coliseum Classics Volume 1: WWF Mega Matches Review


Coliseum Classics Volume 1: WWF Mega Matches

Welcome everyone to the Coliseum Classics Review. My name is and I will be your host as we go back and review some of the best video tapes ever released….Coliseum Videos. These were a big part of my childhood and I still enjoy going back and watching them today. First up we are going to review the 1991 release of WWF Mega Matches.

Tape Opening

Sean Mooney opens up the video saying if you like things that are small then you won’t like this tape. He says we have BIG action in stored for you on this Coliseum Video release. He introduces the first match between Tito Santana and Earthquake.

Promo by Tito Santana

Tito Santana says that everyone wants to see Mega Matches so he is going to bring you a mega match between himself and Earthquake right here on Coliseum Video. Tito says he is going to put the Earthquake down.

Match 1: Earthquake s. Tito Santana

Earthquake is accompanied to the ring by Jimmy Hart. While Quake is walking down the aisle Mooney mentions that the camera was shaking a little bit. Great way to get Earthquake’s size over. Mooney and Hayes both say this is a Mega matchup and Coliseum Video is the only place to see it. They start off the match with a collar and elbow tie up. Earthquake throws Tito into the corner to show off his strength. Tito tries to get Quake in an arm bar and Quake blocks it and throws him down. Quake then poses and shows off his muscles. This is such a heel move and I love it every time Earthquake did it.

Tito comes in and gets a headlock on the Quake but Earthquake picks him up and throws him off like he’s a piece of garbage. Tito tries to go to the back but Earthquake backs him into the turnbuckle. Earthquake goes for a big elbow but Tito gets out of the way and lays in a few lefts and rights. Tito then starts to work the arm and gets him a few arm wrenches. Typical Tito here working an arm. Don’t understand why you wouldn’t work the leg when a guy out weighs you by over 200+ pounds.

Earthquake gets out of the arm bar and Santana tries to hit him with a shoulder block off the ropes but Earthquake doesn’t even move. He tries again and again Quake doesn’t move. Santana goes for a body press but Earthquake catches him and body slams Tito. Earthquake goes for a big elbow but Tito Santana gets out of the way. Tito goes back to the arm and starts working it over. Earthquake gets tired of all the work on the arm and decides to kick Tito in the midsection to gain control of the match. Earthquake does a jumping kick to the lower back of Tito. He then picks up Tito and slams him back first into the turnbuckle.

Earthquake continues to work on the lower part of the back with a clubbing arm to the lower back. Earthquake picks Tito up and nails him with an atomic drop. Earthquake gets Tito in his favorite rest hold and thats the bear hug. Tito climbs to the middle rope while inside the bear hug and starts to lay in the right hands to Earthquake. Tito then bites the face of Earthquake to break free of the bear hug. They exchange lefts and rights until Tito gets control. He then hits him with 2 standing drop kicks then the flying forearm and it finally knocks Earthquake down. He goes for the cover and gets a 2 1/2 count.

Tito goes for another drop kick and Earthquake brushes it out of the way. Earthquake then picks him up and lays him out with the power slam. He then nails him with a big elbow drop. Earthquake then gets the tremors going and nails him with the Earthquake splash but Tugboat comes out of no where and nails Earthquake with some heavy blows in the corner. Dino Bravo makes his way to the ring to help out Earthquake with Tugboat. Tito gets up and we have a 4 man brawl in the ring. Tito is working over Bravo while Earthquake is working over Tugboat. Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine come out to help Earthquake and Dino Bravo as well. All 4 men work over Tugboat in the center of the ring after Tito Santana gets thrown out of the ring. All 4 men body slam Tugboat then Earthquake tries to nail him with the Earthquake splash but Jim Duggan comes out with the 2×4 and sends everybody packing.

This was your typical dark match where neither guy took the L so they could both look strong as they go on. Earthquake got in all of his offense that he usually got in and so did Tito. Tito did quite well with the size difference and there really wasn’t anything wrong with the match at all. It was a little slow at times but nothing major. The ending was a cluster but I guess it was necessary if you want to keep both guys strong and possibly continue the feuds going forward. All in all not a terrible match but probably one you can skip.

Promo by Big Boss Man

Boss Man says that Heenan started this by talking about his momma. Boss Man says he is a proud man and one thing he holds very near to his heart is his family. He says that his momma is one of his most prized possessions and punk you hurt her feelings. Boss Man says he has went through every member of the Heenan family and now it’s his chance to teach Bobby Heenan a lesson about manners and respect. He says that Heenan has hurt the Big Boss Man and now it is his time to hurt him.

Match 2: Big Boss Man vs. Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan

Heenan steals the microphone from the ring announcer and says that everything he has said about Boss Man’s mom was a mistake and that she is a sweet old lady. He says that he just got off the phone with her and she is doing well in Cobb County Georgia. Heenan says he sent her 5 dozen red roses then the Boss Man’s music interrupts him. Boss Man comes out with the ball and chain and the night stick. While he is walking to the ring Heenan is begging and pleading for forgiveness. Heenan says he just got off the phone with his mother and that he said them just to upset the Boss Man. Heenan says if he was lying to him then he wouldn’t have shown up for the match. He says he can’t out wrestle the Boss Man or out fight him. Heenan says that Boss Man’s mom wants to talk to her and that the phone in the back behind the van is off the hook and she wants to talk to him. Heenan says he is sorry and that he made a mistake. Boss Man acts like he is going to the back to talk to his mom but he comes back into the ring.

Heenan takes the microphone and smokes Boss Man with it in the face. Boss Man lays in a right hand and knocks Heenan down. Boss Man puts his foot on the throat of Heenan and gets the 3 count. It last all of 30 seconds. Boss Man picks up the ball and chain and drops it right on Bobby Heenan’s chest. Mr. Perfect comes out from the back and takes his towel and starts to choke out the Big Boss Man. Perfect then nails Boss Man with 5-6 right hands then he tries to irish whip him. Boss Man reverses it and nails Perfect with a big boot and then throws him over the top rope.

There was nothing to this match at all. It was all Heenan talking for the majority of the segment which is never a bad thing. The promo was very well done as well. Heenan was very convincing and you almost start to feel sorry for him. Thats what made Heenan so great is that he had your emotions in his hands at all times. This is a segment worth checking out just for Heenan alone.

Match 3: Fan Favorite Match: Sgt. Slaughter vs. Jim Duggan

Duggan slides into the ring under the bottom rope and Slaughter attacks him right away with some boots. Slaughter picks Duggan up and irish whips him into the ropes, Duggan ducks the clotheslines and nails Slaughter with one of his own. Slaughter rolls out of the ring as Duggan picks up his 2×4 and gets the crowd going with a USA chant. Slaughter goes for a right and Duggan blocks it and nails Slaughter with 4-5 lefts of his own. Duggan just nails Slaughter with 3-4 big lefts and Slaughter does a complete flip and lands upside down in the ropes.

Slaughter is backing Duggan off as the crowd starts chanting USA for Duggan. Both men run into each other with a shoulder block. Duggan tries to go off the ropes but Adnan hit him in the back with the flag then Slaughter hit him in the midsection with a knee. Slaughter then starts to work over the lower back of Duggan with a few kicks then an ugly ass backbreaker. I really like how guys back then worked over the body part that went with their finisher. Slaughter always worked the lower back to “soften it up” for his Camel Clutch.

Slaughter goes for two elbows but Duggan rolls out of the way. Slaughter tries to whip Duggan into the turnbuckle but Duggan reverses and nails Slaughter with a huge back drop. Duggan goes for the 3 point stance but Adnan trips him. Duggan rolls out and goes after Adnan and chases him all the way to the back. Duggan tries to get back in time but the ref gets to 10 and Slaughter wins by count out. Duggan gets back in the ring and blows his nose, wipes his ass, and stomps on the Iraqi flag. Duggan then celebrates in the ring as Slaughter tries to get back into the ring to get his flag.

This match was garbage through and through. Slaughter was so lazy and not even trying by this point that it’s sad. Duggan was his usual self which isn’t saying much either. What a terrible finish and a waste of time. I would go ahead and skip this one if I was you.

Match 4: Bret Hart vs. The Barbarian

The match starts out with Bret Hart getting Barbarian in a headlock. Barbarian backs Bret up into the ropes and irish whips him to the other rope. Bret goes for a hip toss but Barbarian blocks it then the Barbarian goes for his own hip toss and Bret blocks it. Barbarian says screw this and levels Bret with a vicious clothesline. Barbarian then puts the boots to Bret who is laid out on the mat. Barbarian picks up Bret and hits him with a nasty head butt that sends Bret back to the mat. Bret rolls into the bottom of the turnbuckle and Barbarian starts choking him with his boot.

Barbarian then picks Bret up and chops him in the turnbuckle. Bret gets whipped back into the turnbuckle and he falls back down and eats some more leather from the Barbarian. Barbarian picks up Bret once again and he nails him with a body slam. Barbarian climbs to the middle rope and wastes his time to go for the elbow. Bret rolls out of the way. Both men get up and Bret lays in 3-4 rights and then he hits him with a reverse atomic drop. Bret climbs to the middle rope and hits Barbarian with the 10 punches.

Bret then gets Barbarian in his side Russian leg sweep then the middle rope elbow drop. Bret goes for the cover and gets a 2 count. Bret then hits Barbarian with a lay down clothesline, Ala Randy Savage, and gets another close 2 count. Bret goes for a cross body but the Barbarian catches him and dumps him with a huge power slam and he gets a 2 count. Barbarian bends over for a back body drop but Bret nails him with a kick and then he goes for a piledriver. Barbarian blocks it and flips Bret over but Bret holds on for the sunset flip. Barbarian doesn’t go down so he just falls down and goes for his own pin. Barbarian starts flexing as Bret gets his feet underneath the arms and rolls up the Barbarian for the 3 count and the victory.

This was a decent match here. Nothing special but nothing terrible. Jimmy Hart and Honky Tonk Man were on commentary during the match and that brought a little different dynamic and entertainment to the match. Bret got in his typical offense and the Barbarian did some nice power moves. There were no rest holds and the pace of the match was steady so it was enjoyable. It’s not the greatest piece of work but its watchable so I would check it out if you get the chance.

Match 5: Tag Team Match of the Month: Bushwhackers vs. Rhythm & Blues

The Bushwhackers roll into the ring and get attacked by Honky Tonk and Valentine before they can even get up to their feet. Valentine and Honky were going to run the Bushwhackers head first into each other but the Whackers reverse the move and throw them into each other. Luke then pokes Honky in the eye while Butch stomps on Valentines foot. Both members of the Bushwhackers bite a member of Rhythm and Blues. They then hit Honky with the battery ram as they start to celebrate with the crowd. Honky and Luke are in the ring together. Luke is running on the ropes and Valentine comes in and nails Luke with a stiff clothesline to give Rhythm and Blues the advantage. Valentine gets the tag and he nails Luke with a few vicious chops to the chest. Luke then bites Valentine in the leg again until Honky Tonk comes in and kicks Luke.

Valentine tags in Honky Tonk and he lays in a nice kick to the midsection. Luke is in the turnbuckle and Honky Tonk irish whips him into the opposite corner and Luke goes flying to the mat. Honky taunts the crowd a little bit then gets Luke in a reverse chin lock. Honky quickly tags in Valentine then hurries up and grabs the leg of Luke so he can’t tag out. Valentine goes to the middle rope and hits Luke with a ax handle. He goes for the cover but Luke gets the foot on the rope. Butch distracts the ref as Honky and Valentine double team Luke illegally. Valentine nails Luke with another vicious chop then drops two hammer elbows on Luke. He goes for the cover but Butch breaks it up. Honky comes in and drives a knee to the back of Butch. He then throws Butch outside of the ring.

Valentine and Honky Tonk just stomp away at Luke as Butch is trying to get up on the outside. Butch grabs the guitar and goes into the ring with it. He nails the Honky Tonk Man in the back with the guitar as the ref calls for the bell. Rhythm and Blues win by disqualification. Luke gets up and grabs the other guitar that is sitting ringside. The Bushwhackers then destroy the guitars of Rhythm and Blues.

There was nothing to this match at all. Rhythm and Blues dominated the whole match until Butch caused the disqualification. You can start to notice the trend here with the Coliseum Video matches. Neither team or wrestler is going to lose because the WWF wanted everyone to look strong at this point. I would go ahead and just skip this one because its not much more than punches and kicks delivered by Valentine for most of the match.

Match 6: Hulk Hogan vs. Dino Bravo

The Big Boss Man is introduced as being in Hulk Hogan’s corner for this match up. The match starts up with a collar and elbow tie up. Bravo shows off his strength by throwing Hogan into the turnbuckle. We start over again and this time Hogan throws Bravo into the turnbuckle. Hogan then flexes in front of Bravo. Bravo comes charging at him and he gets nailed for a backdrop. Hogan drops two elbows then Jimmy Hart climbs up to the apron. Hogan nails him twice as well. Hogan then drops Bravo with an atomic drop as Hogan starts posing for the crowd.

Bravo gets Hogan in an wrist lock and twists away numerous times. Hogan reverses the wrist lock and twists him around a couple of times as well. Hogan then chops and backs Bravo into the turnbuckle. Hogan then whips Bravo into the other turnbuckle as he follows him in and nails him with an elbow. Hogan climbs to the middle rope and hits the 10 punches. Bravo comes wobbling out as if he just had a 12 pack and was selling the punches like a genius. This is hilarious and must see. Hogan then nails Bravo with a chop that sends him to the mat. Hogan was going to go over the ropes but Earthquake grabs him by the boots. Hogan goes after Quake but Bravo hits him from behind and starts to choke him over the middle rope.

Bravo backs away and brings the ref with him as Earthquake starts choking him again. Boss Man comes after him but it took him forever to get over there so the damage is done. Bravo chokes Hogan again across the bottom rope and this time Boss Man stays on that side to keep Earthquake away. Bravo begins to work over the back of Hulk Hogan. Bravo then kicks Hogan out to floor. Earthquake gets his shots in and sends Hogan back into the ring. Bravo gets Hogan up and gets him in a bear hug. The ref raises the hands twice but on the third try Hogan keeps the arm up and breaks free with numerous punches to the face.

Hogan then shoulder blocks Bravo who falls down. Hogan comes off the ropes again and Bravo nails him with the side suplex. Hogan kicks out at 2 and starts Hulking Up. Hogan no sells the punches and wags the finger at Bravo like not today buddy. Hogan hits the 3 punches and the big boot. He nails him with the leg drop and gets the 3 count on Bravo.

Right before the 3 hits Jimmy Hart comes in and hits Hogan. Hogan picks up Jimmy Hart and throws him into the arms of Dino Bravo. Earthquake goes after Hogan but Boss Man stops him and they trade punches on Earthquake. They then hit Earthquake with a double big boot. Hogan poses for the crowd to wrap up the match.

This was your typical Hogan match. If you seen one you’ve seen them all. It was pretty cool seeing Big Boss Man and Earthquake at ringside. Bravo and Earthquake did a nice job of keeping Boss Man away so they can still get the double teaming in. The finish came quick and makes the match worth watching.

At Home with Hillbilly Jim

Hillbilly says he is taking a little break from the chores to show us a little bit about Mudlick, KY. He says in the smoke house is a missing Hillbilly Jim video. They then air this video and it’s basically Hillbilly Jim doing all of his chores such as chopping wood. They go inside and Granny is sitting in her rocking chair watching Hulk Hogan. Hillbilly Jim tells his granny that he won his first wrestling match. Hillbilly picks up the guitar and starts playing and singing a song. The dogs tell the story because they look like they would rather be anywhere than they are currently. Hillbilly then gets the stove ready so they can keep the house warm from the cold.

Hillbilly then starts his work out. He picks up a tire and practices the bear hug on the tire. He then practices dropping elbows on a mattress. He then drops a knee and says this is what he did to train. He then calls in his dog and gets it in a chin lock. Granny comes in and gets on to him for wrestling with the dog. This is horrible and a waste of time. Hillbilly then thanks us for coming down to Mudlick, KY and gets back to his chores.

Match 7: The British Bulldog vs. Haku (JIP)

They join this match in progress with Bulldog having Haku in a sleeper hold. Haku then rolls Bulldog off of him but Bulldog hits Haku with a drop toe hold then gets Haku into an arm bar. Haku gets up but Bulldog puts him right back down by holding on to the arm. Bulldog then drops a knee to the arm of Haku. Bulldog puts Haku’s arm in an awkward position and drops his foot down on it to really hurt the arm and wrist area. Bulldog irish whips Haku into the turnbuckle and goes for a monkey flip but Haku reverses it and nails Bulldog with an atomic drop.

Haku picks up the feet of Bulldog and kicks him in the lower abdomen area. Haku then nails Bulldog with a big head butt then he rams his head into the top turnbuckle. Haku irish whips the Bulldog and goes for a back drop but Bulldog goes for a sunset flip. Haku doesn’t go down and chops the Bulldog in the neck area. Bulldog gets whipped into the ropes again but floats over. Haku ducks a clothesline or two then gets nailed with a cross body and gets a 2 count. Bulldog then gets a crucifix pin in but only gets a 2. Haku picks Bulldog up and dumps him with a vicious pile driver. He goes for the cover and gets a 2 count. Haku gets up and yells at the ref for a slow count.

Haku gets Bulldog in a reverse chin lock with his knee planted in the back. Bulldog gets back to his feet and drops some elbows to the midsection. Bulldog goes off the rope and gets nailed with a knee to the midsection. Haku puts the boots to Bulldog then goes back to the reverse chin lock. Bulldog breaks free as they trade elbows to the face. Haku then hits Bulldog with a thumb to the eye then he throws him to the outside. Bulldog tries to get back in the ring and Haku kicks him in the head 3-4 times. Bulldog finally gets back in the ring then gets irish whipped into the ropes and gets hit with a massive back body drop. That looked awesome. Bulldog looked like he was going to land on his head. Haku goes for the cover and gets another 2 count.

Haku then sits down behind Bulldog and he grabs his hair and pulls back on him. Its a camel clutch but using the hair instead of the chin to pull back. Haku hits some kicks and punches to the back. He then rakes the back of the Bulldog. Bulldog gets back to his feet and Haku hits him with two knees to the midsection. Haku then bites Bulldog right in the face as well. Haku gets Bulldog in a sleeper hold right in the center of the ring. Bulldog gets up to his feet and rams Haku back first into the turnbuckle. Bulldog tries to whip Haku into the turnbuckle but Haku reverses it and sends Bulldog into the turnbuckle. Bulldog flips upside down when he hits the turnbuckle. Haku goes for the cover and gets a 2 count. Bulldog then gets kicked to the outside. Heenan creeps over and nails the Bulldog in the midsection with a kick.

Bulldog gets back in the ring and Haku goes for a chop. Bulldog ducks the move and hits Haku with a big side suplex. Both men run into each other with head butts. Bulldog goes for a lazy cover and gets a 2 count. Both men are climbing to their feet. Bulldog then puts Haku into a sharpshooter that looks about as terrible as the Rock’s. Haku reaches out and grabs the bottom rope. Haku hits Bulldog with a couple of head butts then a brutal chop to the chest. Haku picks Bulldog up and nails him with a shoulder breaker. Haku goes for the pin and gets a 2 count. Haku picks the Bulldog up again and they trade some punches. Haku goes for a drop kick but Bulldog holds on to the top rope and Haku misses. Bulldog then whips Haku into the ropes and nails Haku with a massive back drop as well.

Bulldog then hits Haku with his patented delayed suplex and gets a 2 count. Haku charges in and Bulldog gets out of the way. Bulldog then picks up Haku and nails him with the running power slam for the 1-2-3. What a victory for the British Bulldog!

The joined in progress match here was pretty slow and prodding. However, the moves were vicious and high impact. The two back body drops were insane and it looked like the guys were enjoying beating the hell out of each other. If you can get past the slowness of the match then you can enjoy this. If slow isn’t your thing then you may want to skip this. But I really enjoyed it.

Coliseum Profile: ‘Macho King’ Randy Savage

tells Coliseum Video get ready for satisfaction. Savage says he doesn’t just want a piece of the pie, he wants the whole pie. Savage says he is the lord and master of the squared circle and he’s the best in the business. Savage says he is the World Wrestling Federation and that he beat Robin Leach at his own game. Savage says don’t underestimate the competition but beat them to the ground. Savage says he is successful at everything he does and “guaranteed personified as I look the videoscope, Coliseum Video you are in a state of shock. Too hot to handle and to hold to cold. This is an escapade of the Macho King….dig it?”

Match 8: The Crown on the Line: Randy Savage vs. Jim Duggan

Duggan comes out like a house of fire and clears the ring of Savage and Sherri with his 2×4. Duggan turns his back when the ref tries to get his 2×4 out of his hands so Savage takes advantage and lays in the lefts, rights, and elbows to Duggan. Savage tries to irish whip Duggan but Duggan reverses it and hits Savage with a big clothesline. Duggan picks up Savage and hits him with a big right hand. Duggan lays in rights while Savage is stuck in the turnbuckle. During this time Duggan looks over at the ref and yells “get off my ass.” Duggan whips Savage into the other turnbuckle and hits Savage with a big clothesline again. Sherri tries to drag Savage out of the ring but Duggan pulls him back in and when Savage lets go Sherri falls to the ground.

Duggan then picks up Savage and hits him with a delayed atomic drop. Duggan is about to bounce off the ropes but Sherri holds onto the top rope and Duggan goes flipping to the outside. Duggan gets back to his feet and Sherri pushes him right into the steel post. Duggan gets up again and Sherri hits him with her purse right in his throat. Savage goes to the outside and kicks Duggan right in his throat again. Duggan gets up again and Sherri kicks him in the midsection to send him down to the mat again. Savage goes out to get him again and punches him in the face while he was in a headlock. Savage goes back inside and climbs up to the top rope and he comes down with a double ax handle to the outside of the ring. Duggan is laid out as Savage rolls back into the ring. Duggan rolls into the ring and Savage goes for a cover but Duggan drapes his foot on the bottom rope.

Savage grabs Duggan by the head and runs and drapes him over the top rope as he jumps to the outside. Savage goes for the pin and gets a 2 count. The crowd starts to get amped as Duggan is working his way back to his feet. Savage goes up to the top rope and hits Duggan with another double ax handle to the face. Savage drops a knee then goes for the cover and gets a 2 count. Savage chokes out Duggan a couple of times in between pin attempts. Duggan drapes himself over the middle rope and Savage runs to drop his leg on him but Duggan rolls out of the way and Savage falls back on his head.

Duggan gets up first and tries to hit Savage with an elbow drop and he misses it. Savage goes up to the top rope and tries another ax handle but Duggan hits Savage in the mid section. Savage comes in for a right hand but Duggan blocks it and hits him with his own. Savage charges Duggan and he gets back body dropped over the top rope and to the outside. Duggan comes out after him and the throws Savage over the guard rail and into the fans. Duggan then hits him with a right hand and slams him head first into the steel steps. Duggan picks up a chair and hits Savage in the midsection with it. Duggan rolls him back into the ring.

Duggan picks him up and hits him with a body slam. Duggan comes off the ropes and drops Duggan with a big knee drop to the midsection. Duggan has him covered but Sherri is distracting the referee. He finally turns around and counts but Savage kicks out. Duggan picks him up again and hits him another right hand. He goes for the cover but Sherri puts savages left on the rope to break up the count. Savage gets up and Duggan runs at him and knocks him over with a shoulder block. Savage hits Duggan with a big clothesline and lays out Duggan. Savage goes up to the top rope and goes for the flying elbow but Duggan moves out of the way and Savage misses.

Both men get up and Duggan hits savage with 4 clotheslines as Savage each time he gets up to his feet. Duggan then hits the 3 point stance clotheslines and sends Savage to the outside of the ring. Duggan goes out and rolls him back to the ring. Duggan tires to get back in but Sherri rakes the back of Duggan. Duggan then chases Sherri around the ring as the ref counts. Sherri runs into the ring and Duggan grabs her by the butt and picks her up. Sherri gets out of the way then Savage hits Duggan in the back with a high knee as he takes out Duggan. The ref also gets squashed by the high knee. Duggan gets Savage in an inside cradle but the ref is knocked out so no count occurred. Savage gets hit with another atomic drop into the turnbuckle then another clothesline. Duggan covers him and counts to 3 himself but the ref is still knocked out.

Sherri gets in the ring and hands Savage her purse while Duggan wakes up the ref. Duggan tries to pick up Savage but Savage nails him in the face with the loaded purse. Savage crawls over and covers Duggan. Sherri then wakes up Danny Davis and he starts the count. Duggan kicks out at 2 as the crowd goes nuts. Savage climbs up to the middle rope as Duggan gets up. Duggan grabs him and Savage drops Duggan for the pin. Sherri hands on to Savages legs as the ref counts the 3 and Savage gets the victory, Sherri get sin the ring and puts the crown on Savage’s head. After the match is over Duggan confronts the referee. Duggan then grabs his 2×4 and goes after Savage and Sherri with it. Duggan nails Savage right in the back with his 2×4.

This match was pretty long and a little slow at times but there wasn’t many rest holds os thats always a plus. This match was very similar to their Saturday Night’s Main Event match that aired around this time. Sherri was the workhorse again and she never took a break. She gave you every ounce she had every night she was managing anyone. It’s always great to watch. These guys had pretty good chemistry and it made for a good match. I would give it a view….at least once.

Macho King on the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Savage arrives in a limo and he sticks his head through the sunroof. They show him playing croquet with Robin Leach. Savage says “some people make it and some people don’t. Thats why I live in the kingdom of the madness and you don’t”

Match 9: Steel Cage Match: Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior

When the Warrior comes out Savage is under the ring hiding waiting for him. Warrior runs out and Savage confronts him. Warrior picks up a chair and nails him on the top of the head with it. Warrior runs Savages head into the cage from the outside. Warrior then smashes his head into the guard rail. Warrior throws Savage into the ring as Warrior climbs up over the top of the cage. Savage tries to escape the ring but Warrior throws him down off the cage. Warrior then picks up Savage and hits him with an atomic drop. Warrior picks up Savage and drops him with a short arm clothesline twice. Sherri is on the outside shaking the whole cage so Warrior goes over to her and starts shaking the cage as well.

Warrior hits Savage with another clothesline. Warrior then drops a few boots to Savage as Savage is laid out on the ground. Savage has had no offense to start this match, it’s been all Ultimate Warrior. Savage then grabs Warrior by the tights and pulls him in face first into the cage. Savage then rakes the eyes Warrior to buy himself some time. Savage finally gets up and clotheslines Warrior on the back of the head. Warrior and Savage both climb up to their feet and they hit each other with a double clothesline.

Savage lays on top of Warrior and gets a 2 count. Savage picks Warrior up and tries to ram him head first into the cage but Warrior blocks it. Warrior throws him off but Sherri holds onto the foot of Warrior. Meanwhile Savage gets up and drives the knee into the back of Warrior and sends him into the steel cage again. Savage gets up and puts the boot to the throat of the Ultimate Warrior as he chokes him out. Warrior punches Savage a couple of times to break free. Both men get up and Savage rakes the eyes of the Warrior.

Savage lays a few knees to the midsection while Warrior stands up in the corner. Savage then picks the Warrior up and body slams him. Savage then climbs up to the top rope and nails the big elbow on the Ultimate Warrior. The ref comes in to count and Savage gets a 2 before Warrior throws him off of him. Warrior crawls over to the ropes and starts shaking them as Savage hits him with some rights to the back. Warrior then blocks a right and hits a right of his own. Warrior then runs off the ropes and hits Savage with 3-4 clotheslines. Warrior goes for his body splash but Savage gets the knees up and Warrior lands on them as both men lay on the mat.

Savage starts to climb up over the top of the cage. Savage gets to the outside of the cage and he is nearly to the floor but Warrior grabs Savage by the hair from inside the ring. Warrior drags Savage back into the ring over the top of the cage. Savage tries to kick Warrior in the stomach to get the Warrior off of him but he won’t let go. Warrior starts climbing the ropes so he can get Savage back into the ring. Sherri comes into the ring and tries to get the Warrior to let go of Savage. Warrior will not let of Savage. Sherri takes off her shirt and starts choking out the Warrior. Eventually Warrior loses the grip on Savage and he falls to the floor and wins the match. After the match Savage climbs to the top of the cage and comes down with a double ax handle but Warrior stops it.

Warrior is beating the breaks off of Savage as the refs try to stop him. The refs get thrown around the ring as well as the Warrior gets back on top of Savage and starts hitting him with more right hands. The Nasty Boys get in the ring to slow the Ultimate Warrior Down. There are 4 guys on Warrior and he throws them all off of him as he goes after Savage again. More guys get onto Warrior and he throws them off again. Sherri finally gets back into the ring and hits Warrior with the scepter. This finally gives Savage the chance to leave the ring.

What a great match. Savage was so good at everything he did and the Warrior was the perfect compliment to him. I can watch these guys wrestle all day because they mixed it up and did different things each match. This match is definitely worth checking out.

Final Thoughts:
This was a so-so coliseum video. The first 4-5 matches are extremely short and don’t do much at all to enhance what was going on. The main matches on the card were decent but not great. The only really good match was the Warrior vs. Savage cage match. Duggan and Savage wasn’t that bad but I’m not a huge fan of Jim Duggan so it kind of ruins things for me. The Bulldog and Haku match was good but it was so slow that it makes it hard to watch. There are 2-3 good things here and the rest is not really worth watching. I would give this a lukewarm recommendation as far as watching the whole thing goes.