Vince McMahon Issues Apology, Then Removes It, More On McMahon Storyline


Vince McMahon issued a video message Wednesday to fans in the United Kingdom apologizing for the last minute decision to not launch the WWE Network in the country last Monday.

After promoting the launch all weekend, WWE announced it was being delayed shortly before it was set to go live.

McMahon revealed the reason for the delay: “We appreciate your patience as we work through the details of the roll-out and potential partnerships.”

He then said, “On behalf of WWE, I want to personally apologize for the delayed launch of WWE Network here in the United Kingdom. There’s no one more important than each and every one of you in the WWE Universe, especially here in the United Kingdom where we shared so many great memories together.

“I assure you that we are working day and night to launch WWE Network as quickly as possible and I promise that WWE Network will be well worth your wait. Again, thank you for your understanding.”

– Also in the current storyline, while there’s speculation that Vince McMahon may be returning to WWE TV for a WrestleMania 31 storyline, as we reported this morning, notes that Vince does not want to be on TV a lot – WrestleMania storyline or not.